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How To Rescreen A Door

Screen doors are great for allowing fresh air into your home, without the burden of insects and other animals coming in or going out. However, over time the screen portion of the door can develop tears in it, become loose, or come out altogether. In this post, we will examine at how to rescreen a … Continue reading How To Rescreen A Door

Tips For Selecting Bathroom Tiles

Remodeling is a great way to breathe new life into your bathroom. Especially if it has never seen a remodel in its lifetime. With the many decisions, you will have in fronts of you, such as the countertops, sink, and bathtub, one crucial feature should not go overlooked. The bathroom tiles can be a focal … Continue reading Tips For Selecting Bathroom Tiles

Security Door Installation Tips

Homes provide security and are only as secure as the doors that allow entrance. If you are looking to increase the safety of your home, you might be interested in installing a security door, or security screen door as it is commonly referred to today. Security doors will also provide added protection for inclement weather … Continue reading Security Door Installation Tips

Kitchen Countertops That WOW

Have you ever walked into a kitchen, placed your hand on the countertop and just said to yourself, “Wow”? It’s amazing how one aspect of a kitchen can bring the entire room together, or change the whole feel of it. Countertops draw in guests, giving them a solid surface they can touch. Your kitchen countertop … Continue reading Kitchen Countertops That WOW

Best Kitchen Cabinets On The Market

If you love cooking, you know the importance of your kitchen. As one of the greatest rooms in a home, the kitchen has the sole responsibility of keeping your family full and healthy, while bringing everyone together on holidays and events to enjoy one another’s company. Your kitchen is where birthday cakes will be baked, … Continue reading Best Kitchen Cabinets On The Market

Interesting & Odd Kitchen Backsplashes

Kitchen backsplashes are what adds color to your kitchen. The solid, duller colors are for the cabinets and the appliances, whereas the backsplash is what makes the kitchen pop. Adding color to backsplashes can change the entire vibe of the kitchen, for example, white cabinets with a dark gray countertop and you can see a … Continue reading Interesting & Odd Kitchen Backsplashes

Shower Door Installation Tips & Repair Tricks

We have assembled a few advice on shower door installation and repair to help you do it yourself instead of paying a plumber or general contractor for the job. Shower Door Installation When it comes to shower door installation follow these tips for an easy install. • Measure the door area in 3 places vertically, … Continue reading Shower Door Installation Tips & Repair Tricks

DIY: Bathroom Tile Installation & Repair

Do you need to do a bathroom tile repair and installation? Follow the steps below to save money and do it yourself. Bathroom Tile Installation To do a bathroom tile installation here are some tips and guidelines for you to do the job yourself. Measure the floor or walls that you plan on tiling. Clean … Continue reading DIY: Bathroom Tile Installation & Repair

How To Install A Toilet Or Faucet Without Breaking The Bank

Do you need to install a toilet or faucet? Why break the bank with having a plumber do it when you can do it yourself? Here are tips on toilet installation or faucet installation. Toilet Installation First, you need to measure to ensure that you buy the proper size toilet so that it will fit … Continue reading How To Install A Toilet Or Faucet Without Breaking The Bank