Interesting & Odd Kitchen Backsplashes

Kitchen backsplashes

Kitchen backsplashes are what adds color to your kitchen. The solid, duller colors are for the cabinets and the appliances, whereas the backsplash is what makes the kitchen pop. Adding color to backsplashes can change the entire vibe of the kitchen, for example, white cabinets with a dark gray countertop and you can see a red backsplash as more modern. Change that red backsplash to blue and your home immediately takes on a coastal vibe. Although backsplash is historically limited to tile or paint, a large portion of homeowners is taking their kitchen backsplash installation to the next level by using all different types of products.

Have you ever heard of pennies for your backsplash? We have seen it before on countertops and in small floor sections, but what about in your kitchen? Many people are saving pennies, cleaning them, and sticking them to their kitchen backsplash for a fun and eclectic look that is hard to mimic without, well, pennies! Another impressive kitchen backsplash installation was done using metal. Small, decorative metal sheets of aluminum, steel, and copper were used in a different kitchen to create an industrial, rugged vibe.

For the musicians at heart, some have taken cd’s or records and placed them on their kitchen backsplash as well. CD’s are more reflective and can be difficult to match with d├ęcor, but records are black and can be added to the backsplash of white kitchens and not draw too much-unwanted attention. Broken glass was used in one homes backsplash. A lady saved different colored bottles and smashed them, using the remnants of the bottles to create an artistic mosaic in her kitchen.

There is a new chalkboard fad that can be created using the chalkboard paint. For kitchens, there is no need for any kitchen backsplash installation because they only thing being done is painting. The chalkboard paint is applied to the backsplash and can be written on, erased, and repeated using chalk. This backsplash is a great idea for kids and families because you can use to the backsplash to leave notes and dates for each other.

Believe it or not, wallpaper has been making a comeback in kitchens! Because there is a such a wide variety of wallpaper patterns, textures, designs, and colors, almost anyone can find a wallpaper that they would love to have in their home. Wallpaper is applied rather easily compared to the installation of tile and can be done in one day if you have the precise tools and prepare accordingly.

Now, for a unique backsplash, coffee beans take center stage. The coffee beans in the resin are usually covered, and these seeds are sealed together, then applied to the backsplash of a kitchen. For coffee lovers, this is a dream come true in the morning, while the rest of us just roll our eyes. People have also been using wood as a backsplash, which makes an interesting contrast any kitchen with modern appliances.

Kitchen backsplashes are a great way to express creativity and the mood of the home. These backsplashes can be made with almost anything and can be homemade or professionally done. The only thing stopping a homeowner from changing their backsplash is a lapse in creativity because clearly, gone are the days of the real paint or small tiled backsplashes. With so many options available, homeowners can use a little bit of imagination and some examples to reference off of, and create a gorgeous kitchen with a beautiful and unique backsplash.

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