Guide To Pressure Washing Services

The exterior of your home is what everyone will see, even before they step foot inside. So to make it look it’s very best, most homeowners will consider a variety of options. One might think that landscaping is the best way to improve their house’s curb appeal, while others might opt for more expensive services like replacing the siding. But there are excellent local handyman services that can make your home look fantastic, and that is with pressure washing.

Sacramento Handyman services such as pressure washing is a top choice for homeowners, because of the affordability and results. While you could spend thousands replacing the siding of your home, this is a surface that could significantly benefit from pressure washing. In fact, most realtors recommend that homeowners higher a company for pressure washing for the simple fact it will raise the selling price of the home.

Pressure Washing Services

Is There A Difference Between Pressure & Power Washing?

So, you’ve heard the terms pressure and power washing, but are they the same things? Though we use them interchangeably, the services can be slightly different. Pressure washing works on the system of pressurized water to take away stains, dirt, and debris. Power washing typically uses a heated water system or the use of chemicals. Depending on the system the contractor is using, these can be applied to virtually the same surfaces. That is why we use the terms power and pressure washing as we do.

What Can Pressure Washing Clean?

It would be easier to list the items a pressure washing couldn’t clean than to list the things it can. However, it should be noted that a pressure washer is strictly for use outside. Pressure washing can be used on siding, sidewalks, driveways, bricks, and deck. Any sturdy surface can be washed using a pressure washer, although it should be mentioned that it isn’t advised to use a pressure washer on painted surfaces. Because water is leaving the equipment at over 1000 psi, it does have the ability to remove paint in some cases. Another area you won’t want to use a pressure washer for is the roof.

What Do You Recommend For Cleaning A Roof Then?

We recommend that if the roof looks dingy or has the presence of mold and mildew to have a soft washing service instead. Like power washing, soft washing will use a gentler stream of water to tackle dirty spots. Soft washing also uses a mild detergent to lift stains and prevent mold and mildew from forming again.

To get a soft wash service, the pressure or power washer will get a special fitting on the spray handle that adjusts the water stream. Or, if preferred, a soft washing unit can be purchased.

DIY Or Hire A Contractor?

Are you looking to save a few bucks on labor and try and perform some, what appears to be a cost-saving approach to a beautiful home exterior? It could seem like doing it yourself is the best way to go, given how hard the job could be, but you may be surprised. Power washing the exterior of a home, no matter how big or small, is going to be a workout. Do you own a pressure washer? These model can get pricey if you are looking for a unit that will last more than a few seasons, and give you the professional results desired. For most homeowners, it makes sense to hire an expert as it saves time and money.

How To Find A Local Handyman For The Job?

If you’ve been searching to find local handyman services such as pressure washing, you’ve likely been overwhelmed with the number of choices in the area. However, not every company is created equal, and you should be weary of those companies that haven’t been around a long time. At Sacramento handyman, we are pleased to offer pressure washing to the Sacramento area to help our customers enhance the look of their properties.

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