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Sliding Door Maintenance Checklist

One of the best inventions of the modern era, the sliding door is indeed a must-have in every house. It provides you with a visual view of the exterior, at the same time allowing easy access in and out of your home. Like with all wonderful creations, however, sliding doors require frequent maintenance. While the … Continue reading Sliding Door Maintenance Checklist

Solve Common Door Problems Easily

This guide will walk you through common problems that are experienced by the different door types. Interior door repairs can be simple depending on the kind of door. Hinge doors can experience issues with the hardware which may need to be replaced. Quick door repairs can be done with the right tools, and a little … Continue reading Solve Common Door Problems Easily

Interior & Exterior Doors Sacramento Handyman Service

Homes can have many doors, both interior and exterior doors. As with any other part of the house, they are prone to problems, due to the amount of use they receive. Depending on the type of door you own, different problems can occur. For instance, a sliding glass door will not have the same issues … Continue reading Interior & Exterior Doors Sacramento Handyman Service

First Home: Help, I Need Repairs

Congratulations! You recently bought your first home and it’s even more than what you ever hoped for. This house and everything in it belongs to you, including what breaks. Unfortunately for buyers, houses depreciate. Many things can occur to a home on a regular basis that calls for maintenance and sometimes even repair. You could … Continue reading First Home: Help, I Need Repairs

How To Fix A Broken Door

Everyone has doors. In fact, the door is the most used object in any building or home. However, doors are exposed to seasons and varying temperatures as time passes. These causes the material to warp and swell. Door frames and hinges will eventually begin to change shape, begin to creak, make annoying squeaking sounds, or … Continue reading How To Fix A Broken Door

Sliding Door Repair in Sacramento

Do you need your sliding door repaired in Sacramento? We do sliding door repair quite often and if you’d like us to come service your door, we’re happy to help. Call the office today at 916-472-0507 for pricing and availability. Many homes throughout the Sacramento area have sliding doors installed as both exterior and interior … Continue reading Sliding Door Repair in Sacramento