How To Install A Toilet Or Faucet Without Breaking The Bank

Do you need to install a toilet or faucet?

Why break the bank with having a plumber do it when you can do it yourself?

Here are tips on toilet installation or faucet installation.

Toilet Installation

First, you need to measure to ensure that you buy the proper size toilet so that it will fit in the space.

Toilet installation

To measure; measure from the wall to center of the closet bolt, if your toilet has two closet bolts measure to the center of the last bolt. Also, you need to measure from the center of the mounting holes to the back of the toilet. One last measurement for tight bathrooms is from the side of the flange hole to the side wall. Now you can select your new toilet. Be aware that unless the box says bowl and tank, you are only getting one piece. You need to make sure what comes with those pieces such as a wax seal or do you need to purchase that separately?

Make sure you have everything together, tools, toilet parts, seals, etc. before you start.

Second, turn the water to the toilet off and then flush the toilet. Remove any water left in the tank if you are replacing the tank as well as the bowl with a cup and a pail or if you have a wet/dry vac you can use that to suck the water out. Now remove the toilet bowl and tank to be taken away.

Third, follow the instructions of the particular brand of bowl and tank that you bought, once everything is put back together and hooked up; turn on the water and look for leaks. You should not have to adjust the settings in the tank for water level, but at times you may need to do that.

Faucet Installation

1. Identify the type of faucet, one hole or 4 to 8-inch triple hole

2. Gather all parts and tools

3. Turn off water

4. Remove faucet and flexible extension, drain the extension

5. Remove the hardware

6. Follow the instructions given with the particular brand of faucet you bought as to installation so that you assemble right.

7. Turn water on and look for leaks, if there are any leaks shut down the water and repair what is leaking.

8. You are done, everything should be working properly. If not, go back to the manufacturer’s instruction to see if you missed something.


There is no need for you to break your bank for a simple toilet or faucet installation in your bathroom or even your kitchen sink.

Just follow the tips we have given you to identify what size you need for a toilet and what type of faucet you have. Then from there follow the instructions from the manufacturer to install the new one.

Toilets sometimes need specialty parts. For example, it might be hard finding parts for EAGO toilets. We like to use this company for parts for EAGO toilets.

There are no special tools needed on neither of these jobs. If you have everything together at the start, toilet and faucet installation will take more than ½ a day.

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