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Sacramento Door Repair: The Wonders that Sacramento Handyman Can Do!

Sacramento is littered with a number of shops establishments and homes and of course, an essential feature of these structures is their door. They may bear unique designs and carvings but as personalized as these doors may be, what these doors have in common is the fact that they can get weather beaten, particularly because they bear witness to the stories of people who go through them and use them frequently and to the harsh conditions that Mother Nature unfortunately sometimes brings with her. So when these doors get busted, they need to be taken care of in order for them to regain their optimum function. The varying levels of care that these doors need also depend on their type and the main components that they are made of. Thus, despite sounding very easy, door repair particularly in Sacramento CA, take skill, patience and believe it or not, a whole lot of love for this type of job! In other words, not everyone could do it and do it well!

In Sacramento, there is one company that provides superb, quality and fast service for door repair regardless of the door type! That company is no other than Sacramento Handyman. We, at Sacramento Handyman, have over 20 years of experience on repair and maintenance and we could easily handle door repair for any Sacramento structure. Our two decades of experience is backed by testimonials from clients who find our finished job delightful and our repair and maintenance agents amiable. These satisfied clients tell us that not only do we provide them great service we are also pleasant to work with! But don’t believe what we say, you have to experience us first hand! So when your door needs repair, call us and we will do all the work for you!

We are not choosy when it comes to repairing doors. We can do great work on doors like French doors, hardwood double doors, steel doors and any door type that you could ever imagine! We know our trade and we get the work done accurately and within a logical length of time. However, you might prefer to immediately gain more knowledge regarding the doors that we could repair. We recognize that knowing more about our service is important to you so we made the following information available for you. The succeeding statements describe our various door repair services.

Door Repair

Commercial Door Repair. Commercial places such as the boutiques and shopping centers make use of manual glass doors. Even when these clear glass doors are heavy-duty there are instances wherein they could incur damage. When your shop’s glass door incurs such unexpected damage, we at Sacramento Handyman can secure it for you and replace it with a new one that may be tinted or clear and laminated or not. Of course this would depend on your preference. If you also need one that is bullet proof, rest assured that we are also there to assist you in getting a bullet proof door and repairing it for you too when it becomes essential. So let Sacramento Handyman help you repair your commercial doors when they start to malfunction. Afterwards, after you are pleased by the quality of service that we have, be sure to tell your partner establishments about our commercial door repair for Sacramento shops!

Emergency Door Repair. Emergency doors can be Steel Security Doors or they can be Corrosion Resistant Doors. Such doors are usually highly resistant to corrosive environment or to various security threats and can withstand emergencies such as those that are common in the hospital setting. Whatever purpose they serve for a specific place, these doors need to be maintained. When they start to break down, remember to call us because we are adept in emergency door repair. We at Sacramento Handyman are constantly ready to take these doors in as part of our case, whether they are aluminium, fiberglass or galvanized and stainless steel!

Sliding Door Repair. Sliding doors can be single slide or bi-parting and like manual glass doors, they are normally used by commercial sites. Like other commercial doors, there would also come a time wherein they would go crazy and would need repair. If you’re in Sacramento and you need sliding door repair services, you don’t have to panic because Sacramento Handyman can be your sliding door superman! We don’t just do sliding door repair in Sacramento CA, we make sure that your doors get the royal treatment that they deserve!

Now, we know that the next question that might pop in your head is what type of sliding doors do we repair? Well, we know people from Sacramento have varying aesthetic sense so naturally, we also know that there are different types of sliding doors but we never shy away from working on any of them. In other words then, we at Sacramento Handyman engage in any door work such as sliding glass door repair and sliding screen door repair. If you’re in Sacramento CA, we promise you that you can rely on us and our services.

Screen Door Repair. We have already mentioned earlier that Sacramento Handyman can engage in sliding screen door repair. Naturally, this means that we have an easy time handling screen door repair for any Sacramento CA structure. These doors can be metal, vinyl, retractable, reversible, double or single screen or a combination of any of these features, we can take care of them for you!

Roll-up Door Repair. Sometimes establishments have doors that roll-up since they’re almost always so easy to use and maintain. Not only that, they also save space because instead of swinging inside or swinging outside, they just roll-up and seemingly disappear from the person’s view. Usually, roll-up doors are utilized in warehouses and storefronts. There are many types of roll-up doors such as side coiling partitions, counter shutters and service doors. If your place has a roll-up door and it becomes faulty or if something happens to its slats because of improper usage, simply pick up the phone, call us and trust our service. We’ll get to you in a jiffy and render great service quality!

French Door Repair. Usually, French doors consist of a frame and translucent glass panels called lights and they can be single or double doors. Although commonly used as patio doors, French doors are also favoured by commercial space owners who are dedicated to giving their shops a whimsical and simultaneously elegant atmosphere right off the bat (and doors are commonly the basis of such first impressions of shops). French doors are more particularly used by cafés and pastry stores that have outdoor seating to accommodate their clientele who would like to relax outside and watch the passers-by while sipping their coffee or savouring their cake. If you’re a café or pasty store owner with an out-of-order French door, you should consider calling Sacramento Handyman to take care of that broken door. That way, it wouldn’t break your shop’s lovely atmosphere and your daily business profit.

Residential Door Repair. For companies in the door business, residential door repair in Sacramento can be tedious mainly because there are several types of door that one can find in a single home. To name a few, there are front doors, patio doors, pocket doors and even shower doors! But Sacramento Handyman isn’t just any other company, we are the best in the industry and we can handle all residential door repairs without a hitch! Such residential door repair includes:

Front Door Repair. A key feature of one’s house is the front door primarily because of two things. First, front doors are one way for neighbours to gauge their impression of the homeowners. Whether they look clean and simple or elegantly carved and artistic, neighbours will always have something to say about them. Second, front doors serve as the house’s main protection from external threats such as falling victim to man-made misfortunes. If they are not maintained, they cannot serve their second function. So as a homeowner, when you find out that your in-swing door, or your out-swing door is going bonkers, contact us because quality front door repair is Sacramento Handyman’s one way of showing concern to its clientele! We repair hardwood, aluminium, pvc, steel, fibreglass and a multitude of front door types!

Shower Door Repair. Shower doors can be with or without frames and can be made of crystal clear or frosted glass or they can even be customized to fit one’s personal taste. As a homeowner you have several options in terms of choosing the right shower door to accent your bathroom and improve its aesthetic appearance. But when your shower door requires repair, there’s only one name that you should trust - Sacramento Handyman. We make sure that Sacramento bathrooms receive shower door repair that is akin to a walk in the park in terms of ease, price range and service.

Pocket Door Repair. Pocket doors are outstanding architectural features of hotels and houses. They add to any room’s beauty (e.g. master’s bedroom, kitchen, game rooms) and are convenient because they take up less space and maximize floor area. After all, they slide to the adjacent wall through a compartment which serves as their “hiding space”. Indeed they are incredible, until they get stuck and they don’t function well. However, Sacramento Handyman can quickly fix pocket door problems whether the problem is the door frame, the door pull, the wheels or any other pocket door part! After all, we know pocket door repair in Sacramento like the back of our hands.

Patio Door Repair. If you have a patio, you naturally also have a patio door. It’s a good addition to your house particularly when you want your view of the gorgeous outdoors or the green surroundings to not be distracted by narrow door frames. Patio doors can be swinging, sliding or folding and can have more than two panels. They may also be clear glass or French. Like all other door types, they need to be taken care of so that they can maintain their function. When your patio door breaks down, just remember, patio door repair is another Sacramento Handyman expertise! So don’t hesitate a minute, just give us a ring.

Above are only some of the door repair services that we offer in Sacramento, California. We care for our clientele and we understand their quirks and their needs. They have never regretted hiring us in the past and they continue to hire us for repair work that needs to be done. So if you or maybe your business partner or a colleague is in need of commercial door repair, a residential door repair or any type of door repair and that door is in Sacramento, don’t be shy, CALL US for an estimate and hire us! We’ll give you exactly what you need and a little bit more! Your experience will be worth every penny you spend on Sacramento Handyman!

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