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Have you ever walked into a kitchen, placed your hand on the countertop and just said to yourself, “Wow”? It’s amazing how one aspect of a kitchen can bring the entire room together, or change the whole feel of it. Countertops draw in guests, giving them a solid surface they can touch. Your kitchen countertop takes the most beating out of all the rest, because we prepare food here, set down items, touch, sit, and lean on the countertops more often than anything else.

Kitchen countertop

If your kitchen needs a serious revamp, a countertop may be all you need to do it. Before you begin your kitchen countertop installation, you need to make sure you have a hired a professional. The countertops are an integral part of the kitchens foundation, and they need to be installed correctly to avoid issues with cabinets, plumbing, and electronics.

A butcher block counter top is one that can be used as a cutting board as well as a countertop. These countertops look similar to a cutting board and can range in color, depending on the style you are going for. Butcher block, although beautiful, has to be kept dry because mold can begin to grow if areas are left damp for too long. For the more technologically advanced homeowners, there is a countertop that has a tablet built in. The countertop is a thin, transparent black plexiglass sheet that has displays a touchscreen. It is sure to surprise guests.

We’ve seen people use pennies on floors, backsplashes and now in kitchen countertop installation. The pennies are laid out on the countertop in a design of your choice and then are coated in layers of resin to protect them, keep them in place, and create a countertop that can still be used as normal. If you love wood but aren’t into a butcher block appearance, you can go with a large wooden slab. Wooden pieces are coated to protect the forest, but they also have the rounded, irregular edges that are consistent with wood being cut. These wooden slabs come in all different colors and sizes and can be applied to your island or your entire counter shop.

Glass countertops are rising in popularity, especially ones that have designs inside to make them less transparent. Glass countertops can be tricky to install due to their weight, but they make a great, unique addition to your kitchen that isn’t commonly seen. The only difficulty you will run into with glass countertops is keeping them clean; they easily smudge and hold fingerprints, a lot like a window would.

Countertops can be made from almost anything, as long is it is coated with the appropriate amount of coating to protect both the countertops integrity and your food when you place it on the counter, you will be ok. If you are examining a countertop that you haven’t been able to find online, contact your local contractor and see if they can customize something for you. More often than not, contractors enjoy customizing projects because it will broaden their portfolio, experience, and will give them a nice change from their normal, everyday kitchen countertop installation.

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