DIY: Bathroom Tile Installation & Repair

Do you need to do a bathroom tile repair and installation?


Follow the steps below to save money and do it yourself.

Bathroom Tile Installation

To do a bathroom tile installation here are some tips and guidelines for you to do the job yourself.

  • Measure the floor or walls that you plan on tiling.
  • Clean the surface.
  • Make sure that the floor or walls have a proper sub floor or wall that the tiles will adhere to properly.
  • Make sure to put down reference lines starting in the center of the floor.
  • Make sure that you have everything you need, and mix your mortar up.
  • Apply the mortar on the floor, starting in the center at your reference line, in a 3×3 foot area, using the thin edge of the trowel angled at 45 degrees angle and travel the same direction so that it is uninformed for better a better more secure hold.
  • Some tiles come with spacers built in if yours do not have the built in spacers, place spacers and continue along the reference lines laying your tiles.
  • As you have finished a section, use a rubber hammer and a level to make sure the tiles are level.
  • Wipe off any mortar that has squeezed out with a damp rag.
  • Continue to lay tiles with thin set mortar working in sections along the location lines and making sure the area is level making any adjustments to keep the tiles aligned straight.
  • If you are using large tiles such as 12×12 inches, you must also apply a thin layer of thin set mortar to the back of the tile to help it adhere.
  • Cutting the tiles to fit around the cabinets, walls, etc. mark the arc or straight line on the tile, make break cuts with a tile saw and then snip the piece with tile pincers. Files edge smooth; use a trim strip along places such as a carpet joining or doorways.

Bathroom Tile Repair

  • Bathroom tile repair for either floor or shower walls is relatively simple, and most home owners can do the fix themselves.
  • Remove shower doors or anything else that obstructs you from directly getting to the tiles.
  • You must remove the grout around the tile(s) that need repair, and this can be done using a utility knife if the grout is too soft. However, if the grout is hard you will need a grout remover; follow the package directions and be careful not to spill or go around tiles that do not need removal. Also, these grout removers can take up to an hour to work.
  • Once the tile is out, clean the surface of debris with a vacuum to ensure you get all the dust.
  • Place the new tile with adhesive to .5 inch of the edge of the tile lay the tile in place then gently wiggle back and forth until the tile is exactly where you want it positioned, allow to dry for 24 hours to ensure a good bond.
  • Place new grout around tile that has been replaced with a putty knife, use a damp sponge to wipe any excess grout away from other tiles.

Congratulations! You have now successfully completed bathroom tile installation and repair steps.

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