Dry Rot Repair in Sacramento: Tips and Challenges

Sacramento dry rot repair

Dry Rot Repair in Sacramento

Dry rot is a common issue that many homeowners will deal with over the course of time. The issue is caused by a fungus that decays the wood. This impacts the strength of the wood as well as its appearance. Dealing with dry rot as soon as you notice it is imperative as this can minimize the amount of damage that is caused by the wood fungus. If you have noticed that you have dry rot on your home, you may be wondering what you can do to repair the damage and to remove the fungus from your home.

If you have a small area of dry rot on your property in a location that is easy to reach, you may consider treating the area and repairing it on your own. First, you can scrape away the surface of the damaged area until you reach an area where the wood is hard and firm. Then, apply a wood hardener to the area, and allow this substance to dry onto the wood. This essentially will remove and treat the damaged area, but you will also need to repair the damage caused by the wood fungus.

To repair the damaged area, wood filler will need to be applied to the wood, and it will need to be molded or shaped so that it takes on the look of the wood that had been damaged by the fungus. If the area is very large, you may need to add a block of wood to the area rather than use a wood filler. You can sand and finish the material so that it has a flawless, seamless look with the rest of the material. After the wood filler or replacement wood piece looks like the rest of the material, you can then paint it to complete the project. Ideally, your efforts will give you the result that the wood was never damaged rather than that it has been repaired.

Repairing dry rot may sound simple, but it actually can take a lot of time and effort. More than that, the right skill and technique are required to give the best results overall.

If you are not confident in your ability to complete the project with beautiful results or if the damaged area is too significant or too far out of your reach, you may contact Sacramento Handyman for assistance. You can call 916-472-0507 to request a free estimate for the work needed on your home. 


3 thoughts on “Dry Rot Repair in Sacramento: Tips and Challenges

  1. We were referred to Sacramento Handyman by another contractor that did not have time to do the work for us in the time frame we needed. Our door system from kitchen to deck had been removed and the dry rot was more extensive than the door contractor could address. 3 Day came out the morning after they were contacted, assessed the situation and found a worker that could fix the problem the following day. They were total professionals in every aspect and their responsiveness was incredible.

  2. Sacramento Handyman is the best. Their worker completely resolved our dry rot issue in 5 hrs – even saving some of the tile removed. All of this saved us an entire floor replacement and the quality of the work was outstanding. I would definitely use them for any home remodeling project.

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