Will Custom Carpentry Improve A Home’s Resale Value?

One thing every homeowner wants to do is build equity in their home. This means they are owing more than the bank and can, at some point, tap into the money they have put towards the property. When it comes to selling, it is essential to have a good chunk of equity so that you can get the most out of the sale to put towards another purchase, more often than not it is to purchase another home.

If you are questioning whether or not you should put money in your home, think about how long you are going to be there. The best way to determine if upgrades like custom shelving units are right for you to home can come down to cost and how long you can enjoy these. While you could say that these upgrades improve the function, and they do, buyers will be suspicious to spend extra money on a feature they may or may not need. So it is vital that when planning for home improvement, you consider custom shelving ideas that add value not detract.


It’s All About Placement & Style

Custom ShelvingIt can seem like a great idea to add shelves to virtually every room in the house. But a word of caution, don’t go crazy here. Built in’s can have a beautiful appearance as well as provide storage and display opportunities, but they can clutter a space if not appropriately placed. We recommend sticking to built-in shelves for the living room or a master closet. These are two areas of the home that benefit significantly with a little extra space.

For other great carpentry options, aside from shelves, you could consider having an entertainment center built, stairs redone, as well as the wall trim. All of these fall under the custom carpentry category. If you are unsure about a project, talk to your local handyman for more options and advice. At Sacramento Handyman, we can assist you further than just putting in a shelf or bookcase, we can also support you throughout the design process.


Is Custom Carpentry Worth It?

Tempting as it may be to go out to your local home improvement stores like Ikea or Menards, most of the shelving available is going to look cookie cutter and the quality, unless you’re spending big is going to suffer. Custom carpentry services are a thing of beauty. Because each piece is designed with your space in mind, it’s simple to get what you need and shelves that fit perfectly.

Again you’ll want to look at the cost. With custom carpentry services, you get a one of a kind finished product. This almost always adds value to a home and shows a level of appreciation that pre-fabbed products don’t deliver. High-end cabinetry is what most buyers are going to look for, as it already adds value to the home without them needing to do anything else.


Hardware Matters

It’s not enough to design custom shelving, but you should also consider any hardware elements used too. For some homeowners, they will use drawers in addition to shelves, which adds another great feature to a room. The hardware should complement the room’s features, whether it has crown molding, no molding, or older trim.



Although more home improvements could get you more for your money come resale time, custom carpentry can be a tremendous asset. These features will give your home character and set it apart from all other homes in the area.


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