Affordable Tile Repair In Sacramento: Tips & Tricks

Tile Repair

Some home repair projects are too difficult for most homeowners to achieve such as replacing floor tiles. You will need to rent or buy special tools to repair or replace your floor tile. Painting, wallpapering and other simple tasks are easier to accomplish for most homeowners. If you must tackle the job of tile repair on your own, then there are simple steps to take to repair damaged tiles.

How to Replace a Floor Tile

The first step in repairing one or two tiles is to use a utility knife to remove the grout surrounding the damaged tile. Use a chisel and hammer to break apart the damaged tile. Do not get in a hurry while doing this step or you may damage surrounding tiles. Remove the tile pieces and scrape away the old adhesive with a putty knife. The base should be left smooth and flat without any tile particles remaining.

Mortar should be spread evenly on the back of the new towel with a notched trowel. Lay the tile in place while pressing firmly to bond the materials. A rubber mallet and a block of wood should be used to make the tile flush with the rest of the tiles. Remove the excess mortar with a small screwdriver taking care to wipe up mortar that oozes out.

Let the mortar dry according to the manufacturer’s directions. It is challenging to match new grout to the surrounding grout when repairing tiles. If you want an exact match, you may need to call a professional for help. Apply a grout sealer every two years to protect your tiles from stains, wear, and moisture. The new grout must cure before using a sealer. For larger projects or more precise work, consider consulting a professional for grout repair to ensure the best results.

Maintaining Floor Tiles

Floor tiles will look better and last longer with regular maintenance. If you have cracks in the grout joints, then you may have floor movement that causes the tile to deteriorate. Check the condition of the underlayment before repairing floor tiles. Unglazed tile will be subject to water spots and stains without a sealer. If the entire floor needs to be replaced, then it is best to contact a professional.

Most homeowners do not want to replace an entire floor on their own. An experienced contractor will have your new floor installed in a short amount of time.

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4 thoughts on “Affordable Tile Repair In Sacramento: Tips & Tricks

  1. Hello

    I have a problem with some of the tiles in my upstairs bathroom in that there is mould appearing around some of the grout. I assume this is down to some kind of damp issue.

    Would you advise replaceing the tiles that are effected or just scraping the grout out and replaceing it? or, is there some kind of treatment I can apply.

    Thankyou for your tip about treating the tiles with a sealant every two years. I think moveing forward I am definately going to do this.

    Thanks again.

  2. Yesterday I went to my friend’s home and she showed me that your people fixed her bathroom tiles and I must say I’m very impressed to see the work. The quality and finishing was awesome.

  3. Thanks for the great tips! I appreciate that you’re the type of company that shows people how to do something themselves as well as offering the service if we choose to hire a professional.

  4. I had these guys come out after I completely made a mess of my bathroom. I told my wife I would do it myself and I just got in over my head. At 61 with back issues, it is just not wise to do this kind of job alone. They were fast, friendly, and my bathroom looks like it belongs in a magazine. Thanks fellas!

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