Solve Common Door Problems Easily

This guide will walk you through common problems that are experienced by the different door types. Interior door repairs can be simple depending on the kind of door. Hinge doors can experience issues with the hardware which may need to be replaced. Quick door repairs can be done with the right tools, and a little know how. If you aren’t feeling comfortable tackling any of the immediate repair methods Roseville door repair by Sacramento Handyman can most certainly help.

1. Sliding Doors

Sliding door whiteSliding doors are fantastic for their functionality. They are not a hinged door and require less room to open fully. They can be used as emergency doors to exit a home if need be quick. These entries can have trouble with coming off their track, or have loose hardware, such as the handle. Handles can be replaced with a new unit from the hardware store, and solving an off the track problem can also be fixed. Putting a sliding door back on the track will require more than one person in most cases because the door is quite substantial. You will need to remove the entries to see if you can fit the door back on the track. It will take a little bit of finesse, but it should go back on. If you are having issues with it not sliding the way it should, Sacramento Handyman can fix any door problem.

2. Screen Doors

The most common problem screen doors experience is a tear in their screens or the screen coming entirely out. The good news is a new screen readily available at most hardware or home improvement stores and repairing this problem isn’t too tricky. Once you have the old screen removed, you will need to prep it for the new screen by eliminating any lining that has kept the old screen in. You will need to measure the new screen leaving an inch of extra on all sides to fit into the screen doors creases. Pinch the new screen in using a screening tool or flat head screwdriver and secure it with the lining you had removed. This lining may need to be replaced if it has been damaged. This type of exterior door repair is quite easy, and many individuals will find it not as time-consuming. Read more onĀ how to rescreen a door.

3. Roll-Up Doors

Roll up doors don’t have as many things that can go wrong unless it is an electric roll-up door. In this case, something could be wrong with the motor, or there could be a reason for it stopping the roll-up process. First, check to see if anything is in the way of it rolling upwards. If there isn’t and it is a mechanical roll-up door make sure the door is completely lowered, then attempt to coil it up slowly. If this doesn’t work, you might need the assistance of a professional.

4. French Doors

French DoorsFrench doors are a beautiful addition to any home. They can be prone to many common problems including, broken glass, exposed hinges, faulty door handle hardware, and sagging. Depending on the problem you could fix some of these issues yourself. Door hardware just requires new equipment. You will only remove the old handle or hinges and replace with a new unit. If holes are stripped out, you will need to make adjustments to the hardware you are using, or call a professional for help. Broken glass in a french door requires buying a new door or replacing the glass. Depending on your budget, a new entry is simple to get and will take less time.

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