Repair or Replace Your French Door in Sacramento?

Sacramento french door repair
French Door Repair in Sacramento,

French doors are a lovely addition to your space. They are typically characterized by a double-door design with glass inlay throughout a large portion of the doors’ surface. However, there are different styles of French doors that you may find with subtle variations. When French doors become damaged in your home, you may wonder what it will take to repair them. Sacramento Handyman offers fast, effective results for all types of door repair needs, including French door repair projects.

Damage to Your French Doors

There are several ways that French doors can become damaged. The most common type of damage is broken glass. The glass can shatter or chip due to impact or even by closing the doors too forcefully. The wood can also become dinged or scratched. In some cases, the door hinges may become loosened, and the doors may not close properly. When these or other types of damage are present with your doors, they may detract from the look of your home rather than add to it. In some cases, the damage can be dangerous to deal with, such as is the case with broken glass.

Steps to Repair the Doors

There are different steps that homeowners can take to repair the doors based on the type of damage present with the doors. For example, if the door is severely damaged, a full replacement of one of the doors may be required. If the hinge is broken, the door frame and hinge may need to be repaired or replaced. Depending on the type of door that you have, scratches and dings may be patched and repaired so that the original door can continue to be used in the home. When a repair technician arrives at your home to assess the damage, you can learn more about the steps that may be required to repair your door.

When Making the Repair

When your technician is making the repair, it is important to consider the cost of the repair versus a replacement as well as the quality of door that is currently installed. Some French doors have a lovely aesthetic design but are on the low end of the price spectrum. These are easy to replace, and it may be more cost-effective to repair a damaged door than to replace it in this case. Other doors may be solid wood doors that have been beautifully stained, and the desire may be to keep these doors in the home. These may be more difficult to replace and easier to repair because of their solid wood design. The French door repair contractor who arrives at your home to assist you with the repair process will help you to learn more about the type of door that you have installed.

Sacramento Handyman provides local residents with all types of door repair services. Whether your interior or exterior doors have become damaged, the technicians at Sacramento Handyman can make the repairs on your behalf.

To receive a free estimate for the repair project, call Sacramento Handyman at 916-472-0507.

3 thoughts on “Repair or Replace Your French Door in Sacramento?

  1. We just bought a lovely house here and unfortunately have to replace the French doors in the back of the house, due to a lower quality. We’re wanting to get a a nice sliding set as we plan on being in this house for a while, as my husband just retired from the military. The house overall is beautiful, the only needed repair (replacement) are the French doors.

  2. We have lovely old wooden French doors with chips in the windows. I will be calling you soon to see if they can be repaired, I would hate to lose my lovely old doors!

  3. Hello there. I have a french door and its door handle / lock needs to changed . I can send you a picture so that you can take a look if you can fix it or not .
    Hoping to hear from you soon.

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