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At Sacramento Handyman, there are several available home repair and maintenance services. From bathroom home repair and minor plumbing fixes to kitchen upgrades and renovations, our professionals have the expertise necessary to bring your home back its previous shine. One of the most critical aspects of a home is the exterior doors: the entrance, the exit, and the first impression.

Exterior doors are weatherproof and need to be installed so that they keep out cold air, moisture, as well as other elements; while interior doors do not have to be as strong, exterior doors are built to be lighter against these harsh elements. Exterior doors require a heavy-duty finish that creates that extra layer to protect your home from cold and rain.

Sacramento Handyman will also make sure that your home's exterior doors, especially when your home needs patio door repair, have a strong lock. Unlike interior doors, exterior door locks are not as simple and do not only go up against the elements but also against potential intruders. Storm doors and screen doors are often important in creating the best exterior protection for your home.

Patio Door Repair

Storm doors and screen doors are often made up of three materials: wood, aluminum, and fiberglass. The most common types of storm doors, which can be incredibly energy-efficient when the right brand is purchased, are full-view storm doors and ventilating storm doors. Screen and glass panels help to keep out bugs and the weather and keep in the heating or fresh air to help save on energy costs.

Full-view storm doors have a glass panel that can be exchanged for a screen door with a warmer season. A ventilating storm entry has a glass panel as well as a screen. This glass panel can be moved to allow air in through a screen; the glass panel can also be closed. Ventilating doors can be converted into screen doors, although the glass will have to be replaced and removed with a screen.

Sacramento Handyman understands the importance of security and structure for all doors in your home. From the French doors between your sitting room and kitchen to the double doors that lead to your pool deck, our experts with over 20 years of experience will make sure that every entrance of your home is stable and secure.

At Sacramento Handyman, you'll receive the best repair and maintenance services at the most competitive prices in Sacramento County. With such a broad reach, Sacramento has decades of experience in a wide variety of services for every area of your home. Taken at a reasonable and efficient pace, you will be hard-pressed to find a better repair company in the area.

Check our website for a full range of past work and client reviews. If you understand what your home repair needs are, you must simply call Sacramento Handyman for a free estimate for any necessary work. However, if you only know that work needs to be done, email us with some pictures so we can get a better thought of what you need.

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