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Interior trim can accent homes and make a room appear more finished. For years wainscoting and panelling have been used in living rooms and dining rooms to add a signature look. There are numerous reasons to install wainscoting in your home. Besides a more elegant look, panelling can help to insulate a room more efficiently. Wainscoting covers the area of a wall from chair height, usually around 3 feet up to shoulder height. It can be as decorative as you wish and can be constructed from some materials, the most common being wood.

Wainscoting And Panelling

Sacramento Handyman is skilled at installing wainscoting and panelling. We have been installing custom carpentry in homes for nearly 20 years. If you are interested in adding a fantastic accent to your home, such as wainscoting, give us a call anytime at 916-472-0507.

Is Wainscoting Right For Your Home?

There are several different home types that wainscotting will work well in. Rooms that currently have other trim in them might benefit from the addition of decorative panelling. Wainscoting pairs excellent with crown molding to give a place a classic feel. However, it isn’t recommended to use with a baseboard, since many of the options will already have a base trim. With several different types of panelling available, a homeowner can add a personal touch when designing their room.

This type of panelling is often used in rooms where you eat, entryways, and family rooms. Traditionally any room that sees high traffic or is a place for people to gather. It’s the greatest benefit is bringing a completed look to a room.

Wainscoting And Panelling

There are more ornate panels that can be hung to give a room more dimension and add a focal point. It is good if you are considering this addition to look at several different patterns to get a feel for what will fit your room and style. Wainscoting can be specially ordered, or it can be purchased at a home improvement store, and the cost will vary. Need help choosing if panelling is right for your home, Sacramento Handyman can be of assistance.

Why Choose Us For Your Wainscoting and Panelling Project?

Have you been considering adding decorative trim to your home, but aren’t sure you are up to the task? This is completely normal. Several factors go into correctly putting up panelling. That’s where Sacramento Handyman come in. Custom carpentry is an art form and isn’t something you learn overnight. We have perfected our craft to give our customers results they will love. We guarantee it.

If you’re seeking an affordable handyman that can install wainscoting or panelling in your home, then look no further. At Sacramento Handyman we are competitively priced, and work to exceed our customer's expectations. We can install most panelling correctly and quickly leaving your home even more stunning than when we started.

Call us today at 916-472-0507 to discuss your project needs, or fill out our online form above. Remember to include the number of rooms and room-sized to get the best assessment from Sacramento Handyman.

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