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Residential Door Repair – For Greater Security

Residential doors represent a measure of security for goods and business equipment stored within a structure. In businesses with a lot of customer traffic, residential doors wear quickly and need to be repaired or replaced. Residential doors vary in sizes, depths and widths. Often, damage to residential doors is not always immediately apparent. It may be a slight problem with opening or closing the door in the jamb. For many residential doors, damages occur when suppliers inadvertently deliver bulky goods to the place of business and create dents in door handles or metal parts. The worst case scenario is broken safety glass in residential doors. This type of damage needs immediate repair to prevent theft or seepage of water and moisture through the cracks. Residential doors need to be properly evaluated for adequate long-term use by a professional repair service. Sacramento Handyman offers a complete range of services, including residential door repair. For greater security, replace and/or repair all residential doors that show signs of wear or damage as soon as these issues are discovered.

Residential Door Types that Need Repair

There are several popular residential doors that need maintenance and repair. These include:
. Fire doors and fire door frames
. Glass sliding doors with automatic openers
. Custom doors for large shopping malls, banks, medical facilities, showrooms and grocery stores
. Aluminum, metal and steel doors
. Swinging doors
. Overhead and Store front doors with automatic opening and closure devices
. Security doors wired with alarms
. Special handicapped accessible doors

Each type of residential door is intended to protect the business facility and also make customer/patron access convenient. Residential doors may be installed for exterior access or interior access. In most banks, there are safety glass doors for customer access and also a custom metal security door for bank vaults. Hospital facilities require handicapped and emergency access for emergency rooms. These facilities also have glass entry safety doors in the lobby, as well as other safety glass doors for personnel access. All these types of residential doors receive daily use and often the jambs and hardware wear quickly.

Metal and steel doors are used mainly in large manufacturing facilities and processing centers. Overhead doors are generally in need of repair when the mechanisms damage the door through constant use. It’s important to engage the services of a professional for residential door repairs. These repairs should always be completed as soon as damages are discovered. Sacramento Handyman has served the Sacramento, CA area and has built a reputation for expertise and reliability among their customers. Sacramento Handyman offers free estimates. Residential customers appreciate Sacramento Handyman’s reasonable rates that help businesses stay within their operating budgets. Most appreciated is the highest quality customer service and excellent repair services. Residential doors should be inspected regularly to prevent more costly repairs in the future.

For more information on Sacramento Handyman, visit the website at or speak with a representation directly by calling at 916-472-0507. Secure your place of business. Contact Sacramento Handyman today.

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  1. Having been a previous customer I was very happy to use Sacramento Handyman again and will always recommend them.

  2. I used Sacramento Handyman when my door started to slam closed, Just one call and one visit and now my door works like new. Fast and reliable.

  3. It was a pleasure knowing these young people. They listened to what you are trying to accomplish, give constructive advise and the results are amazing. They not only do beautiful work, they are pleasant, conscientious and reliable. I would highly recommend them.

  4. I heard your name from one of my friend. We just moved in into Sacramento from SF and we need your help in couple of days. I will call you for the estimate. Thanks.

  5. I had no idea there were so many options when it came to repair. I have been looking all over the area for some repair men and my neighbor recommended these men to me and I couldn’t have been happier. We had a few issues with some new doors we had put in last year when we bought our home, lets just say the guys who did it did not do a good job!

  6. My last tenants put holes in my interior doors. I have 5 that need to be repaired(I want to compare pricing vs buying new ones) is this a service you do?

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