The Challenge With Repairing a Pocket Door in Sacramento

repairing pocket door

Pocket doors are unique features in a home that offer homeowners many benefits. They are a type of sliding doors that tuck neatly into a compartment hidden between the walls rather than swinging open. In this way, they can provide homeowners with benefits such as privacy and room division as needed, but they take up far less space than traditional hinged doors. In addition, these doors are available in numerous styles that range from traditional to modern. If your pocket door has become damaged recently, setting up a professional pocket door repair service is a smart idea.

The Challenge With Repairing a Pocket Door

With most types of doors, the entire door, including the frame and the hinges or sliding mechanism, is in full view and easily accessible. However, with a pocket door, a portion of the frame and sliding mechanism is concealed from view and not accessible. Making a repair to this type of feature can be challenging when the damaged area is located inside the wall. Instead of tearing away the wall to access the damaged area of the door, professional repair service from an experienced contractor is a better option.

Common Pocket Door Issues

Several types of damage are common with pocket doors. The actual door may become damaged due to an accident or some type of trauma. The sliding mechanism may also become damaged, preventing the door from opening or closing fully. Depending on the severity and type of damage, either the door or the sliding mechanism may need to be replaced. In cases where the damage is extensive or affects both the door and the sliding mechanism, the entire pocket door may need to be replaced. The contractor will assess the damage and provide you with options for repairing or replacing it.

What a Contractor May Do

A skilled contractor will carefully inspect the pocket door to determine the extent of the damage. They will then provide you with a detailed plan for repair or replacement. This may involve accessing the hidden parts of the door and mechanism without causing unnecessary damage to your walls. The contractor will use specialized tools and techniques to ensure the repair is done correctly and efficiently.

Why Work With a Professional

While your goal may be to repair your broken pocket door, you do not want to damage your wall or frame in the process. A professional has the skills, tools, and experience necessary to repair this difficult-to-access feature in your home with minimal or no damage to other features. If the drywall or other parts need to be altered to reach the interior portion of the door, a professional contractor will be able to repair these as well. Your home will be restored to its former condition with a fully functional pocket door after the service is completed.

Ensuring Long-Lasting Results

After the pocket door repair is completed, it’s essential to maintain it properly to prevent future issues. Regularly check the door’s sliding mechanism and ensure it remains clean and free of debris. Lubricate the tracks occasionally to ensure smooth operation. Addressing minor issues promptly can prevent them from becoming significant problems, extending the life of your pocket door. For more advice on maintaining different types of doors, you can refer to our garage door maintenance tips.

Final Thoughts on Pocket Door Repair

Pocket door repair can be tricky, and it is not a type of repair project that you want to tackle on your own. Regardless of the type of damage your door has, reach out to the repair specialists at Sacramento Handyman for pocket door repair service. Our experienced team will ensure that your pocket door is repaired efficiently and professionally.

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3 thoughts on “The Challenge With Repairing a Pocket Door in Sacramento

  1. Yeah, it’s a difficult task if you are new in the business. Two handymen denied to repair my pocket door and then I called Sacrament Handyman and their professional person did it in no time!

  2. My pocket door was installed on an angle and eventually damaged the wall. I was so ticked off because I thought I would have to completely get it redone. Not the case. Sacramento Handyman came out with in a few days and corrected the issue at less the half the cost I would have had to pay to get it redone.

  3. I have a Pocket Door that is in need of repair. It keeps coming off of its track and does not really roll all that well well when it it on track. Can you help? I live in Roseville. Thanks – Jeff

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