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We have all been hit with plumbing leaks at one time or another. Even minor leaks always seem to happen at the worst time.

If you have a plumbing leak we can help, Sacramento Handyman has plenty of experience and knowledge that can get your plumbing leak fixed in no time at a reasonable rate.

It is essential to fix even minor plumbing leaks right away as they can lead to larger leaks costing more money, as well as water damage which can lead to mold and mildew.

Plumbing Leaks Solved

Minor Plumbing Leaks

What are minor plumbing leaks?

  • Dripping faucets can be something as simple as an O-ring, or the faucet is worn out
  • A toilet that never stops filling or leaks around the base could be gasket between the floor and toilet or the flapper valve in the tank
  • Drains that leak into the cupboard or on the floor could be loose or have a clog or both
  • Low water pressure can have a couple of reasons; municipal water issue, mineral deposits on your tap or shower heads also in your pipes
  • A water heater leak this usually occurs because the liner has become thin and is ready to give way
  • Outside faucets or spigots holes could be the O-ring or a valve that has worn out

For tap or shower heads that deliver low water pressure first check for scaly buildup due to minerals in your water. If this is the issue, you can take off the tap aerator or shower head and soak in a calcium lime remover then rinse and replace; however, wear rubber gloves when doing this as these are usually harsh chemicals.

If that does not fix your low water pressure and there is no municipal water leak or break then, you will be better off calling the professionals in to see what the issue is and repair it.

Dripping faucets inside or out may need to have O-rings replaced. As these rubber washers or rings wear out, they will allow leaking. These machines or rings are far less expensive than a new tap. If replacing these do not stop the leak you will need to replace the entire tap.

A toilet that regularly runs may need to have the flapper valve replaced in the tank or the chain that works the flapper valve could need to be adjusted. The chain if it needs to be adjusted, will get caught in the flapper valve not allowing it to close all the way. The inner toilet kits are less than $15.00 can be purchased at any hardware store and will save you much more on your water bill.

Leaks around the toilet base on the floor will require you to remove the toilet to replace the wax seal beneath the bathroom. It requires you to take the correct measurements to get the proper wax seal. You will need to shut off the water as well to replace the wax seal.

You can stop many of these minor plumbing leaks, but some of them will be easier if you just call the professional. Not only easier but calling professionals, it will also save you money and stress.

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