Light Fixture Installation and Repair by Sacramento Handyman

Light fixture installation and repair can be done if you have some mechanical ability and a little knowledge of electrical wiring and local residential or commercial building codes.

It is often better left to professionals to ensure the safety of you and your residence or commercial building.

We will show up, with our skills, knowledge of building codes, and our tools to provide quick installation and repair of your light fixtures.

Light Fixture Installation and Repair

Light Fixture Installation

With light fixture installation; is it replacing an existing light fixture or is it an entirely new installation?

Replacing a fixture with a new one is easier than an entirely new installation.

When you replace an old fixture, purchase the new one. Make sure you also have wire nuts, a stepladder, and a screwdriver.

Turn off the electric at the main breaker box and then follow the instructions that were included in the new fixture so long as the wiring is the same colors. If you have different wire colors with the new fixture do not try to guess; call the professionals, we have the tools and knowledge to complete the switch safely and keep your home or business safe as well.

Light Fixture Repair

Light fixture repairs can be a real headache even if you are not a novice when it comes to electrical work.

Many issues with fixtures arise from the current of the electricity from the switch to the fixture being disturbed.

No light if the bulb does not light at all you can check the following; first check to make sure the bulb is tight, also check to see if the bulb has burned out. After that, you will need to shut off the power at the breaker box to check the next two things; 1. Check the tab in the center of the socket if it is flat you will need to bend it up a little to make sure that the bulb is making a good connection. 2. Remove the light switch covering and make sure the wires are still connected and not loose.

A Flickering light there are a couple of things you can do to diagnose this issue. First, it could be the contacts in the switch going bad; if this is the case, you may hear some minor spitting or snapping noise. Second, it could be loose wires in the switch. Both of these require you to shut off the power at the breaker box and check the cables and replace the switch. Third, the fixture could be wrong and will need to be replaced.

Light Fixture Installation and Repair

Recessed lights, as well as the problems above these types of lights, can also have issues with going on and off by themselves because they are equipped with a limit switch that will shut the light off automatically if the heat reaches unsafe levels. To deal with issues from heat make sure that the correct wattage light bulbs are being used if you need to use a lower wattage bulb. Also, make sure that the insulation is not too tight around recessed fixtures as it can cause heating and fire issues as well. Last, the limit switch itself may have gone bad and need to be replaced.

Those are just some of the reason you will need to repair a light fixture, there are others, and often it is best to call the professionals in when it comes to troubleshooting lighting fixture problems.

We have meters to trace electrical issues of flow interruptions, and once the job is done, you will have lights that work without a mess to clean up.

We offer light fixture installation and repair at reasonable rates with highly skilled and experienced repair people.

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