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Curtis Park Handyman Service

Our Expert Handyman Will Do All the Repairs To Your Curtis Park Home

Contacting Curtis Park Handyman Service is easy, and it's simple. Just give us one phone call and you get a variety of services and repairs at your home. No matter if it's a condo or a house, an apartment or a bungalow, we get everything up and running. There's no need for multiple calls; we perform all the services for your home repair. Home repair done our way is cost effective. We give customers a single service fee instead of multiple visits and multiple charges. We come ready to our scheduled visit and provide you with a complete quality service. We free you from the hassle of waiting several days for numerous service calls. One call to our business, and all your needs are met. We're ready to take on all your repairs and get the job done.

We Give Good Quotes For All Your Repairs

We're here for the Curtis Park community. We offer expert work to clients who need a variety of home repairs. Whether you have an older home, with fixtures breaking down, or a new home that may need a few repairs, we arrive promptly and provide you with a fair and accurate quote. Is your older home showing some wear and tear? Does your future home need a quick fix before you move in? As a general handyman business, we complete multiple repairs in one visit. That means we deliver services faster and better. No more unnecessary visits, no more unreliable quotes or multiple estimates. Cut down on the unnecessary traffic in your home and concentrate instead on seeing your repairs done quickly and efficiently.

What Kind of Repairs Does Curtis Park Handyman Service Do?

You probably expect to hire several specialists to come one at a time to your home. That makes you wait, as repairmen appear one after another, charging you a new fee for every repair. Curtis Park Handyman Service is a generalist handyman business. We performs multiple tasks in one visit, on both the exterior and interior. Some of the repairs that Curtis Park Handyman Service provides are:

  • Door Repair and Installation - We do interiors, as well as exteriors
  • Enclosures - Encompassing pools, gardens, etc.
  • Awnings - Great for protection of windows or decks
  • Patios - We seal, build and repair
  • Roofs - We build, re-build and repair
  • Decks - We do repairs and ground-up builds
  • Siding - We perform replacement and repair
  • Kitchen - All installations, including fixtures, cabinets or tile
  • Bathroom - We do all repairs, including replacement of faucets, toilets and bathtubs
  • Carpentry - All basic or decorative work, for both interiors and exteriors

Choosing Curtis Park Handyman Service Will Save You Money

Explain to us in detail about your repair job. The more we can hear about what you need, the better we can provide the services you want. At Curtis Park Handyman Service we do it all, so we want to hear it all. When we come in, we don't just replace that broken light fixture or socket: we also repair the damaged wiring, the lattice-work, and the cornices. You don't need more expensive service calls; Curtis Park Handyman Service gets the job done in one visit. You'll find our hourly labor charges save you money, when compared to those multiple service fees charged by others. As a small privately-owned business we customize and personalize repairs. We treat our customers like friends, and stand by them from start to finish.

How To Contact Curtis Park Handyman Service

We guarantee fast and accurate quotes to potential clients, with a fair price that you're sure to like. Contact us online with the form on our company website or email us, with information about your repair needs. You can call us at 916-472-0507 and hire us right over the phone! We're always ready to come by and get to work. At Curtis Park Handyman Service, you'll find our experience and qualifications give you exactly what you need to keep your home working inside and out.

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