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El Dorado Hills Handyman Service

Our handyman technicians tackle traditional home maintenance and installation tasks. We help homeowners complete carpentry projects, bathroom and kitchen repairs, porch and deck installations, and more.

Carpentry Services - Benefits Of Installing Crown Molding

Although crown molding doesn’t boost a home’s value, our installation service is popular because molding gives a home an upgraded appearance. In addition, if you ever choose to sell your home, the molding will help you gain more potential buyers. Typically, buyers often purchase homes that have an architectural interest. Our technicians produce stunning results because we always install molding in coordination with the flooring and baseboards. 

Kitchen And Bathroom Repair Service Procedures

Clogged Garbage Disposal

When a garbage disposal clogs, we usually use the reset button, which is found below the sink. However, if pressing the button doesn’t solve the problem, a thorough inspection will be needed.

Leaky Faucet

A leaky faucet is another common plumbing problem that is usually caused by an blocked aerator. The aerator is a tiny screen that is found on the end of a faucet. Removing and reattaching the aerator usually stops the leak. However, if water continues to leak, professional procedures must be implemented.

Benefits Of Hiring Us For A Deck Building Project

When homeowners tackle deck building projects alone, they often make tons of mistakes. By hiring our company, you can avoid costly errors that could lead to future problems.

Mistake Number One 

All steel screws, bolts, and nails must be galvanized. Galvanized steel is effective because the coating contains zinc. Although coated fixings cost more, we use them to build decks because they prevent the need for future deck repairs. 

Mistake Number Two

Many homeowners do not get council approval before they build a deck. Without approval, problems could occur if the local government starts to enforce the rules. We always seek approval before we begin projects so that our clients can enjoy their decks for years.

Mistake Number Three

When decks are built unprofessionally, they usually have structural problems. The boards will not look professional if they are not installed in a straight line. To ensure that every board is even, we highlight them with a chalk line during the entire project.

Mistake Number Four

Many homeowners over tightened the screws on the roof to secure the materials in place. However, this procedure is not recommended because it causes leaks. When screws are overly tightened, leaking occurs because the rubber on the washers damages.

Mistake Number Five

Because homeowners often install the ceiling supports too far apart, their ceilings typically sag. Shortly after the deck is built, the ceiling will seem ok. However, six months later, damp air will softy soften the ceiling materials. This is why we always install ceiling sheets based on the manufacturer’s suggestions.

Besides these problems, there are many other mistakes that homeowner’s often make. So, to prevent costly repairs,contact our company today. If you need carpentry services, repair services, or installation services, call us at 916-472-0507 for an estimate. 

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