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Auburn Handyman Service

Auburn Handyman is here to help you with your home repair projects. We have experience in almost every kind of indoor and outdoor home repair, and we have a few specialties. 

Custom trim work and crown molding are some of our interior finishing niches. The professionals at Auburn Handyman have a generation of experience with decorative trim work and customized interior finishing. 

We also fix sinks and can help you install new kitchen tile. Whether you're looking to properly caulk your bathtub or fix a roof leak, the easiest way to quickly repair your home is by contacting us at 916-472-0507. We answer your calls 24/7 and can give you an estimate on almost any kind of home repair project. 

If you need your porch or awning repaired, then contacting us today is a great first step to take. We can also replace double doors and handle other intimidating home maintenance projects. Our professionals are here to help.

You can fill out a price quote online, call us or send us an email to get an estimate and move you one step closer to getting your dream home. 

Ways to Get in Touch 

Our website makes it easy to get price estimates, and we answer your calls twenty four hours of the day. Below are some ways to stay in touch with us, receive an estimate for a project you need done around the house, or send us pictures of the home-repair issue you're experiencing.

Price Quote Request 

Filling out the price quote request form on our website is a quick way to get an estimate on a variety of home repairs. Your request could pertain to some of our specialties like exterior carpentry and bathroom repair or virtually any kind of home maintenance project you need an estimate on. By filling out our price quote request form and providing your name, email address and home maintenance issue, one of our professionals can get back to you with an estimate in 24 hours or less. 

Send an Email

If you have a more complicated or nuanced home repair issue, then you could send us an extended email describing the problem. You could also send pictures of your kitchen or bathroom so that we can best service all of your home repair needs. You can send in an extended description of your problem or pictures of an area you need repaired or updated to this email address: estimates@sacramentohandyman.com. We look forward to giving you an estimate as soon as possible. 

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We answer the phone 24/7 to help you get an estimate and move one step closer to making repairs to your home. If you need a deck restructuring or new door installation, then call us at 916-472-0507. We do quality work as efficiently as possible. Call today to get an estimate. Our handymen can help you with a wide variety of home repair projects. 

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