Basic Roof Repairs Per Roof Type

Keeping the roof in great shape can be very important to the overall well-being of the home. There are frequent problems a homeowner can run into with a roof that can be fixed on your own. However, if you are having difficulty performing any of these fixes, Roseville roof repair from Sacramento Handyman can help.

The different types of roofs can have similar problems, and some of the solutions can be the same. All the repairs listed are quick roof repairs and not time-consuming, but they do require climbing the ladder and getting your hands dirty.

1. Flat Roof Repairs

Flat RoofFlat roofs are prone to leaking. They are flat and don’t offer much in the way of rainwater falling off. If flat roof leaks it is essential to repair it quickly because water will leak into your home creating more damage. The good news about repairing flat roofs is there isn’t scary angles or steep inclines to worry about. There are kits made for patching any leaky area of a flat roof and are quite simple to use. Supplies needed are EPDM rubber glue, a bucket of water and towels, gloves and a roller. Take care to follow the instructions from the kit, and it will be a breeze to repair.

Maintenance should be done bi-annually every spring and fall to a flat roof to reduce the chance of leaks. It’s important to keep an eye on flat roofs for splintering and puddles. Installing a gutter system to help remove excess water can help. Clear away any leaves or debris that fall on the roof to prevent any damage.

2. Tile Roof Repairs

Tile RoofingBroken tiles are a top concern for homeowners with a tile roof. Identifying a broken tile and correcting the problem will stop unnecessary damage from leaks. Replacing a damaged tile requires removal of the old tile, and fitting it with a new tile. It isn’t as difficult as it may look. But removing the old tile can potentially crack other tiles next to it, so take care when removing and adding tiles.

Small cracks or holes that are found in the tiles can be filled with a plastic roofing cement which is an excellent repair that is simple to do. After locating the hole, just fill with cement until level and remove any excess. There isn’t much maintenance that needs to be done with tile roofs but making sure the tiles are not broken or damaged can stop any further damage from occurring.

3. Shake Roof Repairs

Shake roofs can last up to 20 years. Their longevity depends significantly on climate and the slope of the roof. Cracked and damaged shingles can cause severe leaks to a home’s structure. Signs that shake shingles need to be replaced can include curling or spitting. After inspecting your roof you notice just one or two shingles that have come up, these can directly be nailed down. If a shingle is missing or damaged, it will need to be repaired or replaced. When replacing a shake shingle, you will need to completely remove the one and nail down a new one in its place. Make sure that it is adequately fitted over and under the surrounding shakes. It will require a hammer and board to drive the shingle into place. Lastly, any repair made is essential to seal with roofing cement to prevent any leaks from occurring.

For beginners, here’s the perfect Beginner’s Guide to Roof Repair. For professional help, simply call 916-472-0507 today!

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