Pros & Cons Of A Sliding Door

Equipping your home with a brand new door is beneficial for several reasons. The first apparently is the appearance upgrade. A new entry will give your home new life. The second is the ability to add more function and versatility. Sliding doors or French doors offer more service and ease of use. Before you head out to purchase that new entry and call up your local handyman for installation, it’s best to look at the positives and negatives to them.

Sliding Doors Give Illusion Of Bigger Space

Have you noticed that when you have regular patio our back doors, it gives the room a smaller appearance? It is partly due to lack of light. A sliding door is primarily glass and lets in tons of natural light. If the home is equipped with a standard door to the patio, a sliding door replacement will completely change the look.

Sliding Doors Are Easy To Maintain

Maintenance for sliding doors is minimal. They only require lubricating the tracks to assure a south quiet opening and shutting the door. If it were to need sliding door repair work, it typically isn’t costly. Sacramento Handyman offers very reasonably priced sliding door repair services. Cleaning is relatively simple as well. A quick clean over with Windex and a paper towel keeps them looking like new.

What Are The Downsides To Installing A Sliding Door

Initial Investment Is More Expensive

It’s true, the cost of a sliding door is more valuable than say French doors initially. If you are going from a single entry to sliding, there is additional cost in framing to account for as well as the actual door. The other higher value is the door itself. These can range in price, so shopping around for the best deal might be worth your time.

Less Secure

The fact sliding doors are made of glass makes them an easy target to be broken into. Simply, breaking the glass would mean entry into your home. It isn’t too big of a deal too many homeowners especially if their yards are fenced in. However, it is something to consider because it could be a liability.


Sliding doors are a great addition to any home. They look great, are easy to use, and quiet. When you weigh the pros and cons of sliding doors, it is clear they are an excellent choice. Consider the option of giving your home a facelift and more natural light with sliding doors.

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