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Gutter Repair and Installation by Sacramento Handyman

Gutters. They're a seemingly innocuous part of your home as long as they are in working condition. Rainwater is captured off the eaves of your house and safely dispersed far away from your property – no harm, no foul.

It's when you're in need of gutter repair Sacramento when you come to truly value your former working units. Instead of being sent out into your yard or down the city storm drains, rainwater instead gushes overtop the gutters and settles near your home's foundation. Eventually the soil around the foundation gets eroded and water is captured and essentially forced into your home. Now that rainwater that would be dozens of feet away from your home is instead literally at your feet, damaging your flooring and leading to mold growth.

The Sacramento Handyman makes sure these issues don't sabotage your property. Whether it's new gutter installation Sacramento or just cleaning the lodged debris out of your downspouts, we make sure the rainwater gets to where it's supposed to – which is not by your foundation. Depending on the material type of your gutters, we also offer repairs. Gutters that have developed cracks and holes or have come apart present just as big of a risk as a clogged downspout.

Gutter Repair and Installation

Our services include:

Gutter Installation Sacramento CA

The biggest thing you have to consider when contracting a new rain gutter installation Sacramento is the material type. Various gutter materials offer different levels of ROI either because of their resistance to damage, added curb appeal, lack of maintenance, fewer seams and joints, etc. The most common types of gutters installed by the Sacramento Handyman include:

  • Vinyl Gutter Installation – vinyl is a very popular material choice in our area because it doesn't corrode and because our temperatures don't reach brittle-enducing cold like other areas of the country. Vinyl is also very lightweight which makes it very easy to work with. Curb appeal can be achieved through the many different colors available from modern vinyl manufacturing methods. Perhaps the biggest driving force behind vinyl's popularity as a gutter material however is its affordability – traditionally the lowest priced in the industry.
  • Aluminum Gutters – the biggest benefit that aluminum has going for it as a gutter material is the fact it can be installed in a seamless manner. Gutters roll off the truck and are formed to an exact length which make it a very appealing gutter replacement Sacramento option. No seams and joints means less chances of the gutter coming apart and causing leaks. The material is more prone to denting and other damage so it's best to opt for a thicker aluminum if going this route. Regardless aluminum is still a very cost-effective gutter replacement Sacramento CA choice.
  • Copper Gutters – the initial investment for copper gutters is going to be quite higher than vinyl or aluminum, but the return that you'll get over the years is unmatched. In fact, copper gutters actually become more valuable as they age due to the worn-out 'patina' look that turns them greenish with swirls of brown and tan (you can also avoid the patina with sealants if desired.) Copper gutters provide the best curb appeal of any other material.
  • Stainless or Galvanized Steel Gutters – other metal gutters could be considered a sort of hybrid material. They have a durability that is greater than aluminum at a cost less than copper.

Contact the Sacramento Handyman for more gutter options that are available for your specific needs. Wood gutters for example are a choice if you are renovating an older cabin or a more traditional home. We also specialize in the installation gutter guards sacramento, which help prevent leaves and needles from building up and creating blockages.

Cleaning and Gutter Repair Sacramento Ca

There are numerous reasons why it's best to hire experienced gutter cleaners Sacramento. The first factor is that your gutters need it. If gunk and debris is allowed to build up it can cause:

  • Gutter sagging – water soaks down leaves which become very heavy, especially on lightweight gutter materials such as vinyl or aluminum.
  • Soil erosion – a blockage generally forces water over in the same general area and thus it continues to fall on the same spot of the soil. Eventually this wears away at the grade of the soil and shifts it to an angle facing the home instead of away.
  • Foundation damage – as the water from a plugged gutter builds up, it pools near the base of the home which will eventually start wearing away at the foundation – a very costly and labor intensive repair.
  • Fascia rot – while the ground below will bear the brunt of the water damage, the moisture will also trickle behind the fascia and the siding, rotting the sheathing and wood supports behind.

The other main reason you want to hire the Sacramento Handyman is because it is much safer. We have the experience to deal with heights in a more reliable manner and the tools to reach these distances more efficiently and unclog the blockages with ease. Sacramento gutter cleaning by a professional also allows us inspect the areas at the same time. We can identify gutters that are pulling away from the fascia or seams that are loosening early before they become severe problem areas.

Whether you are looking for new installation or gutter cleaning Sacramento, give us a call. We want to reiterate just how important these components are to the overall integrity of your home and surrounding property.

For an estimate of gutter cleaning services Sacramento or for more information about the exact material types that we install give us a call today.

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