How To Fix A Broken Door

Broken Door

Everyone has doors. In fact, the door is the most used object in any building or home. However, doors are exposed to seasons and varying temperatures as time passes. These causes the material to warp and swell. Door frames and hinges will eventually begin to change shape, begin to creak, make annoying squeaking sounds, or stop working properly. Here are some ways that you can conduct residential door repair on your own.

First of all, you may find that you have a door that either will not shut all the way or refuses to latch. If this is the case, the firs thing that you want to do is check the strike plate. This is the metal piece that the door latches to. Make sure that it is installed properly and is not damaged in any way. If you find that this is broken, you may simply need to replace the strike plate and the door will be fixed. If this is not the issue, check the hinges on the door. IF the hinges are uneven, then the door is not going to close properly. You can either install new hinges or, if the ones you have are simply installed wrong, reinstall the ones that are already on the door. Sometimes, the easiest thing you can do is simply adjust the center hinge. However, you want to make sure that all the hinges are installed properly.

If you need French door repair because the French door on your home tends to swing closed, then the first thing you need to do is go find some tools. You are going to need some paper, a screwdriver, and a hammer. The next thing you want to do is remove the hinge pin. Once you have done this, you want to place the paper into the hinge pin hole. Make sure that you fold the top of the paper down so that the paper will stay in place. Next, make sure that you place the pin back into the hinge. You may need to use the hammer for this. Once you have placed the pin back into the hinge, test and ensure that the door remains open when you want it to. The paper should cause the hinge to be tighter and thus keep the door in place. Make sure that you adjust as needed. You may need two pieces of paper or to place the paper in other hinges. Just play with it until it works.

You may find that you are having issues with your sliding door and are in need of a sliding door frame repair. The first thing that you want to do in order to repair the door frame is to remove the sliding doors themselves. You may get lucky and find that you just need to clean and lubricate the frame. However, you may find that you need to completely replace the frame. You may find that the issue is not with the frame at all, but rather with the door’s catch. Make sure that you check this as well and replace it if necessary.

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  1. Me and my brother’s were playing in inside the house and we smashed the door and the door frame broke down in the middle what do u think I should do replace the whole thing or just the side

  2. Nice tips and article helped a lot. I must also add that fixing door is very important to avoid any further accidents, especially when you have kids around.

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