Windows & Doors Looking A Little Rough

Do your windows and doors need to be repaired?

Sacramento Handyman can help you with repairs to windows and doors of all types.

Door Repairs

Doors come in many styles and several types of materials.

What type of door repairs can we do?

We have done many different door repairs over the years and to all different types of doors; such as wood, metal, aluminum storm doors, and sliding doors.

We repair both exterior and interior doors so no matter what your door problem is we can fix it.

Reasons Your Door May Need To Be Repaired

  • Latch no longer fits appropriately together
  • Lock is no longer working
  • Hinges sagging
  • Door sticking or swelling
  • Too much air coming in around the door allowing outside temperatures to leak into the home
  • Maybe your dog has scratched deep grooves while you were at work
  • Someone may have caused a hole in the door
  • The door has become faded and rough looking from the sun, rain, and snow

If you check the list, there are many reasons, and each type of door has its issues as well as different ways to repair to them.

Once we assess the issue, we then can fix the problem so that your door is working correctly and closing securely with latches and locks that operate to keep you safe.

Window Repair

There are many different types of windows and window frames.

From wood to aluminum, single hung to double hung; the choices can almost be intimidating when you choose your windows.

What About Repairing Those Windows

If your windows stick or bind when you raise or lower them it is often because they are not square or plumb to the window casing which can be caused by faulty installation, the window casing has rot, or the house has settled over time.

It may be a pane of glass that needs to be replaced or the window frame or even the window casing.

If you have double or triple pane windows that are becoming foggy, it is probably time to replace them.

Are the windows glazed? With us repairing you will not have to worry about that we will handle it.

Storm windows are another type of window we fix.

How are your screens in your storm windows? Yes, we also repair those for you.

So remember Sacramento window and door repair, it is often cheaper and less stressful to hire a professional.

And don’t forget adding some nice looking window shades – while we’ve put these up for many homeowners it would be a good idea if you picked out what you needed beforehand. They come in all sorts of shapes and styles.

If you’re in the Phoenix and need your windows replaced, check out our friends at SR Windows & Glass.

3 thoughts on “Windows & Doors Looking A Little Rough

  1. I would like to replace a French double door in the kitchen and regular 36″w front door, will you give me an estimate and what type (construction) exterior front door, etc, wood, fiberglass or metal. thank you.

  2. Years ago, when we had people coming through the house to look at the basement apartment, someone stole all the window cranks in our kitchen. Just the arm part not the entire thing. I’ve never understood why. But, it has been a nuisance ever since. I do some home repair and this looks like I could manage it fairly well. Thank you for the post. I’ve become used to dealing with the windows as they are, just leaving them closed all the time. In summer it will be lovely to fix this and have windows open again.

  3. I have a cheap Briton 121 door closer which works well but makes a loud graunching noise from I presume the spring inside the main unit on opening and closing. Is there any thing I can do to rectify this? The arm etc are all fitted correctly and the door is silent when I disconnect the closer.

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