Time To Call The Door Frame Repair Man

Have you tried to fix your door frame only to find that it still is not fixed?

It is time to call the door frame repairman, Sacramento.

The superhero of door frame repair, Sacramento Handyman, will have that door frame fixed in no time.

Reasons Your Door Frame May Need Repair

There are several reasons your door frame may have damage that needs repair:

  • Termite damage
  • Water damage
  • Dry rot
  • Sagging, sticking, swelling
  • Intruder kicked the door in, damaging the structure

Those are just a few of the reasons you may need to call a door frame maintenance specialist.

What You Can Do Until The Repairman Comes

Depending on what door it will determine what you can do until the repairman can get there.

If it is an interior door to a bedroom or bathroom, do not use the door any more than necessary.

A door leading outside, however, could be a security risk so if the repairman cannot make it, you can hang a sheet of plywood over the entrance to help keep intruders out.

What To Expect From A Door Frame Repairman

First, the repairman will assess the problem and then give you options on what it will take to fix it or if the frame needs to be replaced.

Whether it can be repaired or needs to be replaced will depend on what the issue is.

If it water damage, the repairman will need to find the source of the water and address that before repairing the problem or it will occur again.

More Than Just A Door

Your door is more than just a door; it is a security measure against burglary and theft.

It also keeps the cold and heat out of your house, so it is essential that it works correctly; part of it working correctly is the door frame.

If it sags, swells, or sticks because the frame has an issue, then it is no longer a sound security barrier.

The best name to call  for all your door and door frame repair needs is Sacramento Handyman. Call 916-472-0507 for inquiries on our services or get your estimates today!

6 thoughts on “Time To Call The Door Frame Repair Man

  1. Our double 8′ bedroom doors have a dead bolt latch at the top of the doors in order to stabilize the doors when closed. The latch won’t come down, so one door won’t open. Now what should I do ?

  2. I have more of a question than a comment, I managed to break the door frame on the hinge side , both the top & bottom. The top is just split ( no problem) but the bottom is major , my question is : Can I repair or should I replace the whole side? It looks like the door frame was all one piece because there seems to be a nail protruding up through the metal “threshold”.

  3. We have the same situation at the moment, the door was kicked in sort of, not on purpose but rough housing and the only side affected was the latch side and mostly where the door locks, but the framing and the molding was messed up, and im trying to either fix it myself (im a teenage girl) or get someone else to come do it professionally, anything you’d recommend ? the door is the one leading into the garage but is like the bedroom doors.

  4. Every home owner needs such home improvement tips. It pays to have some knowledge of home repairs, even when you decide to hire professionals for the job to avoid getting ripped off on a minor repair.
    Thanks for sharing such informative tips. Best wishes to you!

  5. landlord glued the door frame together even around the strike plate because it was shattered(previous tenants)..then tried to screw in place the door knob latch but it’s so damaged it wiggles. can we just replace the frame with the strike plate? and probably a new door

  6. I had to kick in our bedroom door because it was locked. Unfortunately, the side of the border and part of the side wall split and it’s damaged now too… how much would this type of work cost? I am located in Bay Point CA

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