Dry Rot Repair In Folsom, CA

Wood is one of the sturdiest materials to build with. For this reason, it is the most common material found in a home. When would it correctly maintained it could last forever. While it is sturdy, wood can become damaged over time, and certain conditions can cause it to decay. Dry rot is the number one reasons for wood to fail. Maintaining the exterior of your home is vital to stopping decay, but once it happens, it’s crucial to dry rot repair.Dry rot repair in Folsom

Signs Of Wood Dry Rot

Most people have seen dry rot at some point. It is characterized by crumbled and discolored portions of lumber. What most people don’t recognize is the early signs of dry rot. It starts out as dust looming around wood features of your home. This dust is spores that have started to attach to the wood. If the wood is untreated or has chipped paint, it will allow the spores to penetrate. Once the spores have nestled in, they start to break down the wood. This will be visible by not only a color change but also texture.

Mold and fungus are the causes of wood rotting, and some indications of these are color and even mushrooms. Greenish algae is a sign there could be something going on with wood rot because of mold. Many homeowners think that applying bleach to this will solve the problem. However, bleach is very damaging to wood and shouldn’t be used.

Why You Should Opt For A Dry Rot Repair In Folsom

The top reason to fix dry rot merely is that it will spread. The spores that are produced will infect other areas of your home. Once dry rot starts it won’t stop until it is treated. A fungicide is needed after the dry rot is removed to prevent it from going further and deeper into the lumber. When you contact a handyman to make repairs, they will assess whether or not a treatment and rehabilitation could solve the problem or if it needs to be replaced entirely.

Dry rot is treatable. However, it can be a lengthy process. It will require being cleaned out thoroughly. Removing every trace of damaged wood will ensure the wood is repaired correctly. Then a wood filler is used to reform the shape of the wood, and to bond the remaining pieces together. After this is allowed to dry, a sealant should be used so fungal spores can’t penetrate into the center of the lumber. The best thing to do after this applies paint so moisture will bead off and not make its way inside the wood.

Who Should You Contact For Repairs

When you need to fix wood around your home, its essential to contact someone who has experience. For extensive damage, it’s necessary to have someone who can handle multiple situations and have the knowledge to make repairs. Sacramento Handyman is skilled at fixing or replacing wood that has been devastated by wood rot. We can provide homeowners a free estimate for any problems they are having.

Give us a call, 916-472-0507 anytime! We’d be glad to assist in correcting wood rot and making it look beautiful again. We service Folsom CA area as well as the Sacramento CA area. Request for a FREE quote today by filling out our form here.

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