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Emergency door repair in Sacramento.













Doors can become damaged for many reasons. Whether they were doing their job and protecting you from and intruder or are only showing signs of aging, all your exterior doors must remain in top condition. We are pleased to offer a wide range of repairs to help keep your home safe.

Emergency Door Repair

The doors to your home provide you with several critical benefits. From a functional standpoint, they prevent intruders from entering your property, and they help to make your home weather-resistant. More than that, they can impact energy efficiency as well as style on the interior and exterior of your home. Unfortunately, doors can become damaged, and this can have a detrimental impact on your home in each of these critical areas. Because of the importance of doors on your property, significant damage to a door generally means that an emergency door repair is needed.

Determining If You Need an Emergency Door Repair

Not all types of damage to a door require emergency repair service. For example, if the damage is superficial or cosmetic in nature, you may be able to set up routine service. It can be an inconvenience to have a damaged door, but cosmetic repair issues are generally not true emergencies. On the other hand, if the entry has a hole in it or will not close properly, your ability to use the door for its functional purposes is impaired. This type of damage can allow the natural elements to penetrate into the home and can impact home security and energy efficiency. These are issues that must be remedied as soon as possible.

For more extensive types of damage, getting it fixed quickly is paramount. An emergency door repair would include things like a busted frame or glass, or any issue that is preventing the door from functioning or allowing anyone or anything to pass. If you notice these issues, it is time to take action.

Different Emergency Door Repair Solutions

Many types of damage to a residential door will require the entire door to be replaced, and the door frame may also require repair service. In some cases, the glass to a decorative or sliding door may need to be replaced. It is not always possible to fully repair the door at a moment’s notice, so the initial phase, an emergency door repair service, often relates to patching or sealing the damaged area. This will protect the home while a new door is ordered or while replacement glass is prepared. Another idea is to install a temporary door. This may not be a stylish option, but it can provide improved security and protection from the elements. Typically, the patched area or the temporary door will only remain in place for a few days until the full repair process can be completed.

Who to Contact

When you have a damaged door, you may not be sure who to contact for repair service. Many general contractors do not provide emergency repair services, and many have fully booked schedules for days or weeks.

While not every general contractor will be able to squeeze you in, most will deny the possibility of repair. They will state that replacement is the ‘only’ solution. This is certainly not the case in every situation, and repairs are often the best choice. When you’ve noticed damage to your home’s doors, contact your local handyman at Sacramento Handyman.

Why Choose Sacramento Handyman For Your Emergency Door Repair Needs

As mentioned above, it is crucial to have particular doors repaired quickly. Some more so than others. If your door requires attention immediately, we are always here to help. We understand that your home or business doors are a critical feature of keeping the property safe, and we make every attempt to arrive quickly and fix the problem.

We have over 20 years of experience helping customers with their door repair needs. Whether you have a busted window, or the frame seems almost non-repairable, we can asses the situation fast to develop a solution. Our repairs are affordable, and often much more cost-effective versus door replacement.

Sacramento Handyman is the company to reach out to when your door is partially or fully damaged and requires immediate attention. We can patch or seal the door quickly so that your home is secure, and we will return to your home when the parts or supplies needed to complete the door repair are available.

As soon as you discover damage to one of your home’s exterior doors, simply pick up the phone to contact the team at Sacramento Handyman.

Receive Fast, Dependable Emergency Door Repair With Sacramento Handyman Today!

We know that having a damaged door is something our customers want to be fixed immediately. We make every effort to provide same-day service to have your home or office’s door repaired. No matter what the situation may be, damaged frame, broken handle, or issues hardware, our handyman is here to help.

When you call us today at 916-472-0507, we will set up a time to visit your home for the emergency repair service you need. To get a FREE quote, simply fill out the request form here.

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  1. Sacramento Handyman is a superb workstation, and a perfect production place. They worked with us until we were completely satisfied. I can recommend their work and their work ethic without reservation. Their pricing is fair and they turn out a superior product. Thank you, Sacramento Handyman! We will be with you for our next project again and again.

  2. I like the fact that you guys can easily differentiate between cosmetic or superficial damage. Not all engineers would provide the right assistance while tackling issues of emergency door repair.

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