Is Your Door Leaky

Do You Have A Leaky Door

How can you stop the leaking at the door? Weather stripping will help prevent that hot or cold air that comes in around your door.

What Is Weather Stripping

Weather stripping is the method of sealing doors, windows, and trunks to keep out the weather.

It also refers to the material used to seal the doors and windows.

Weather stripping can be made from felt, vinyl, rubber, or poly foam.

Benefits Of Using Weather Stripping

There are several benefits of weather stripping:

  • Reduces heating and cool bills
  • Keeps the interior of the home or business more comfortable
  • Helps reduce noise from outside
  • It also creates a barrier against dust, dirt, and insects from entering the home or business

Hire A Professional Or Do It Yourself

If you have never installed weather stripping before hiring a professional will save money and headaches.

The professional will know which weather stripping material will work best for the door or windows in the climate you are in; as well as applying the weather stripping correctly.

If it is not applied correctly, it will not seal properly and allow air, dust, dirt, rain, and insects in which will not help reduce your cost of heating and cooling.

An expert can address any problems that need to be fixed before weather stripping is applied.

Some of the weather stripping sold in home supply stores will come with a peel and stick feature; the problem with that is if you do not get it in the right spot the first time, it will not hold well. It also does not stick well in colder climates, so you have just wasted money which is why it is always better to call a professional.

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