Common Bathroom Problems

As one of the most used rooms in a home, the bathroom can experience several different problems for homeowners. Not only are their mechanical issues such as fan and lighting issues, but also the desire to update the overall look. Sacramento Handyman is the Elk Grove bathroom repair company that can help fix the little problems or help with a remodel project. Some of the services we perform to fix common bathroom issues include:

Ventilation Repair – Solving The Bathroom Fan That Isn’t Working

Ventilation RepairsFan repair is one of the most common bathroom repair problems experienced by homeowners. The fan needs to ventilate a bathroom, and at times it is a code violation if it isn’t working. Fans can stop working for some reasons including a shot motor or wiring issues.

We can solve this problem quickly and efficiently.

Drywall Repair Or Remodel

Drywall in the bathroom can be susceptible to becoming damaged. Moisture from a shower can find it’s way into drywall making it weak. If you see that you have a hole in the wall, or are looking to remodel your bathroom and get it ready for tile, we can help with any drywall issue you might have. It is essential to use the right material when finishing the bathroom wall, and this means the use of a moisture resistant drywall that has to back.

Toilet Repair Or Replacement

Toilet Repair or ReplacementThe toilet is one feature that upgrading can make a bathroom feel like new. Sometimes toilets will stop working and need repair. Whether you are looking for a reliable toilet repair service for your old unit or replace it will a new low flow water saving unit, we have the skills to get the job done right.

Shower Door Installation

The typical shower door is made of glass. For an inexperienced person, these entries can be somewhat hard to handle for installation. They can be quite substantial as well. For a great setup that can make your bathroom look clean and new, a shower door installation will benefit the overall appearance. Another upside to installing a new shower door is it will seal much more efficiently than an older unit, which means you will keep the moisture in the shower where it belongs.

For the most common bathroom problems, the solution is Sacramento Handyman. Call 916-472-0507 for inquiries and for estimates, fill out the form here.

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