4 Easy Kitchen Fixes

Kitchen Repairs by Sacramento HandymanThe kitchen is one of the most loved rooms in the home. People congregate, cook, and sometimes eat in the kitchen. So it’s fair to say it is one of the most used rooms in the home, aside from the bathroom. What happens if a problem arises or you just don’t find the look of your kitchen appealing anymore? Sacramento Handyman has seen its fair share of kitchen dilemmas, and the good news is we have the experience to solve any issue you might have. Some of the most common kitchen repair problems we can professionally fix are:

Countertop Installation

We’ve all been there once or twice. The look of old countertops can make a kitchen feel unwelcoming. Sacramento Handyman will expertly remove your old countertops and fit them with a new countertop of your choosing. It is an excellent service to have done that can bring your kitchen back to life. If you aren’t looking to replace your counters, only repair, no worries we can handle that too.

Faucet Repair & Installation

Faucet Repair and InstallationThe faucet is one of the leading features of the kitchen. It provides the water source for cooking and many other things. Over time a faucet may become leaky, or not work the way it should. Sometimes, as a homeowner, you might just want to change your fixtures. Sacramento Handyman can install a new faucet that will accent your kitchen, and make sure it works correctly. Solving a leaky faucet will also save you money on your water bill, so it is something to consider fixing as soon as you notice.

Tile Repair & Installation

Tiles can be one of the accent pieces of the whole room. Whether it is backsplash tile or the floor we can help. Elk Grove kitchen repair, Sacramento handyman, can install a new backsplash that will make your kitchen stand out. We can also repair any broken tiles and make it look just like new.

Cabinet Repair, Removal, Or Installation

Cabinets are an essential feature in the kitchen. They house all of our primary cookware, food, and sometimes even accommodate a classic junk drawer. If it is time to replace broken cabinets and update the look of your kitchen we can help. Many different problems can arise with cabinets, such as broken doors, missing hardware, and even wood rot. We can solve these issues quickly with repair or replacement.

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  1. Glad I found out about Commercial Kitchen Repairs. Great service, the technician came out the same day I called. I am the general manager of a very busy restaurant. We have a small kitchen so we cannot afford to have broken food equipment. Commercial Kitchen Repairs was courteous & professional. They had us up and running on the first visit. Reasonable rates. I will be using this company again.

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