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The roof is the most critical feature of the exterior of your home. It has a tremendous job of providing protection from the elements and making sure all that live inside are safe. Since a roof will see most use, because of the sun and weather changes, some problems do happen to occur. Depending on the type of roof you, the kinds of the issues experienced will vary. The different types of roofs Sacramento Handyman can repair are shake, tile, and flat. In other cases such as motor home and RV roofs, we can do those too. These are the most common roofs and their roof repair that we will expertly solve:

Tile Roof Repair

Tile Roof RepairWhen you have a tile roof, one of the leading concerns is cracking or broken tiles. It can occur for some reasons. Over time weather conditions will weaken some tiles when this happens, it is necessary to repair the problem quickly. Tiles are also susceptible to being broken by falling tree debris. If a roof is missing tiles it will expose the whole roof to moisture which can lead to rotting. Elk Grove dry rot repair can be done by Sacramento Handyman, and make your tile roof look seamless.

Shake Roof Repair

The look of a shake roof is much more unique than the standard shingle roofs. It is because they are made out of wood. It is a somewhat expensive roofing option that has grown in popularity recently. They are treated with chemicals that help make them last longer, but they too require maintenance at times. Over time a shake roof shingle might develop cracks and start to curl, this is the time when they need to be replaced. It is essential to replace them with the same material that was used to keep the look of your roof the same throughout.

Flat Roof Repair

Flat Roof RepairFlat roofs are much different than the other options. They are a simple looking design but have drawbacks when they are damaged. Cracking and holes can be a problem for this type and if left untreated can destroy the structure underneath. Sacramento Handyman will inspect ceilings to make sure to water damage is happening, and then repair the parts of the roof that have problems.

A damaged roof is no problem if you hire the best — Sacramento Handyman. Call 916-472-0507 today and we’ll get your roof back in shape in no time.

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