Wrought Iron Fence & Gate Repair In Sacramento

Wrought iron has been used for centuries to provide an exquisite addition to the exterior of a home. Homes that have a wrought iron fence and gate exude a rustic type of appearance that rivals the look of a traditional wood fence. Wrought iron is an excellent material to use for fences and gates because it is exceptionally durable. While not known for their high level of privacy they do offer fantastic security benefits. These types of fences are used for gardens as well to add a unique ornamental appearance. When intact and not damaged wrought iron looks stunning, but they are prone to specific faults. If you are possessing problems with your fence or gate and are in need of repair, there are several things to examine, and hiring the right service person can play a significant role in the finished product.

Common Problems For Wrought Iron Fences & Gates

Wrought iron fence and gate repairBecause wrought iron is now made of mild steel, which is a very solid metal that lasts a long time. Problems with wrought iron fences and gates can include weathering due to outside conditions. The frequent occurrence of weathering will result in rusting. Rust will deteriorate the metal, and rust spreads like cancer. In the initial stages, rust will be only on the surface, which is treatable. Once rust penetrates within the iron, it can’t be saved. Rust will occur when paint or a powder coating starts to peel. Once the paint protectant is gone, moisture will begin to attack the metal.

Another problem that can happen to wrought iron is it can become bent more easily than wood. Wrought iron is highly malleable; while it is sturdy, there is always a chance it could become broken. Because the weather can change cold to hot, it can make wrought iron susceptible to cracking. When cracking happens, there are only a few things that can be done to repair them.

Types Of Wrought Iron Fence & Gate Repair

Typically when metal becomes damaged, it will need to be replaced. However, if there is just minor damage done or a small break, it can be repaired by welding. When rust is present, this will need to be removed before any repair can be made. A powder coating or paint can be used to prevent rust from forming again.

In the event rust has completely gone through a piece of the fence or gate, those pieces will need to be replaced. This can be a trickier process than that of wood repair. Any portions that are bent will need to be straightened and re-coated to prevent rust from occurring.

Who Should You Hire For Wrought Iron Repair

When it comes to fixing a fence or gate made of metal, it should be handled by an experienced handyman. These types of fences have some problems that could be overlooked. If you hire a handyman, they can assess the fence line and check for potential issues you may have missed. Welding and replacement along with powder coating are ways damaged wrought iron can be repaired. We have the experience to get the work done correctly and quickly.

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  1. This is actually wrought-iron grill work around a small front entrance. It requires rust and paint repair. (It’s white, which I want to keep. But I am interested in anything that can be done to make this paint job more durable than the initial coat, which was spray paint.)

    There is also an area, roughly 4×4, that needs security screen welded on (circle pattern preferred). That probably won’t make sense unless one sees it.

    Thank you. Best, Lynda

    I’d like to schedule an estimate? I will be checking two other estimates as well (just to be transparent).

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