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Sacramento gate installation
Gate installation in Sacramento.

Fencing generally creates a protective barrier around a portion of your property or even around your entire property. With most fence installation projects, gates are installed in convenient and thoughtful areas of the fence. For example, with a wood privacy fence enclosing a backyard space, a gate located at the side of the house is common. This type of gate enables easy flow of foot traffic between the front and rear yards and facilitates yard chores like mowing. While gates are typically installed during the primary fence installation project, gates can also be added to a fence after the fact. This can make the fence more functional and can make the enclosed space more accessible.

Designing Your Gates

If you have decided to install one or more new gates to your existing fence, carefully consider their design as an initial step in the installation process. The design may include everything from the size of the gates to how they will open. You may simply want a gate for pedestrian foot traffic, or you may need to be able to pass lawn equipment like a riding lawn mower through the gate. Some people may want a much larger gate installed. For example, if you plan to store a boat or an RV in your backyard, you may need double doors installed on your gate.

Choosing The Right Location

In addition to selecting the right size of doors and the proper swinging style for the gate doors, you should also select the location with care. Pay attention to the grade of the land. Remember that gates must typically be placed on a level area of the yard to ensure that they can properly swing open without being hindered. You should also pay attention to objects located within the swinging range of the gate. For example, a tree, a storage shed or even the home can impair the ability of the gates to fully open as desired.

Selecting The Right Gate Installation Team

When you are ready to begin your gate installation project, you will need to select the right contractors to install the gate for you. Ensure that the team that you work with has experience working with the type of fencing materials that you have in place. The best installation team will meet with you for an initial consultation to provide you with design assistance and help selecting the right location for your new gate. Sacramento Handyman has already installed many gates on the properties of our customers, and we are available to install one or more gates on your property.

Installing a new gate in your existing fence can make this feature more functional for your needs, but the installation process is not one that you want to rush through. Selecting the right design and location of the gates as well as selecting the right installation crew to work with are imperative steps to take. When you reach out to Sacramento Handyman, you can set up an appointment for a free initial consultation and estimate for your gate installation project.

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