Construction Tools To Be Cautious With

Over the last century, power tools have remodeled the ways construction and repairs are done, Sacramento now has twice as many buildings and homes as we did 10 years ago. Originally, construction tools were developed for professional application in the construction industry, time saw them evolve into the equipment that maintenance experts have at their disposal. Even costly construction tool equipment, for example, small cement mixers, which are rarely used and impractical to buy, can be now easily rented per as needed basis from local construction stores.

The handyman workers most often engage in repairs as general maintenance, such as electrical work, plumbing, or repairs, and use a vast array of tools and have a variety of jobs routinely carried out in commercial and residential buildings throughout the Sacramento area. Many of the newer construction tools are a high-risk injury, especially if those tools are defective; construction tools always need to be used with care to prevent serious injuries.

Here is the list of the most dangerous construction tools most common for handyman workers that have the highest rate of injury:


Even though they’ve been around the longest and have no technological advances or essential moving parts that could go wrong, ladders are the number one culprits of injuries. Broken, unstable, or improperly placed ladders can cause serious falling accidents, while metal ladders can hazardously conduct unwanted electricity. It is important for any handyman to take proper safety measures while using ladders.

Nail & Staple Guns

These tools make quick work of some odd jobs and may be extremely useful, but, as with any gun, misjudgment in aim or misfiring could cause someone to either shoot themselves or a co-worker with an extremely fast-moving metal projectile. Nail guns may result in loss of vision, severe internal injuries, implement, and even death.


The power and speed of motorized saws make them extremely unsafe to users, despite standard safety features. Unfortunately, a handyman may lose control of the saw and suffer serious personal injuries. Proximity to the huge cutting saw with the revolving, razor-sharp blades, can raise the risk of being cut or severe an entire limb as well.

Table Saws

These tools are used in improvement projects because they can produce fine cuts. The danger is that working with a table saw requires the hands to always be near the cutting blade. It’s easy for workers to become so focused that they forget how close they are to the blade. Slips can result in injuries to the users’ finger, thumb or another part of the hand, lacerations and even hand amputations. A handyman may also suffer soft-tissue wounds to the face, head, and neck from flying bits of lumber and debris.


These are tools commonly used in construction jobs that require trenching work. Handymen usually rent out this piece of equipment when necessary. A majority of the injuries caused by backhoes involve workers being crushed or struck-by the equipment. To minimize the potential for injury, it’s important for everyone on the project to be aware of where backhoes are operating.

“No matter what construction tool was used on-the-job, safety and precaution should be the top priority. Workers should never intentionally mishandle or misuse dangerous tools because an accident may occur at any time.”, said principal construction injury attorney in Sacramento, John M. O’Brien. –

A question that often arises is: Who is liable when a handyman worker gets injured on the job?

Liability falls on the company that hired the worker, in this case, the employer’s insurance company is the one that will cover all medical costs and other damages. In certain instances, the injuries may be the result of defective products such as faulty ladders or malfunctioning power tools. If that is the case, then the manufacturer of the defective product can be held liable for the injuries, damages, and losses.

Many times the insurance companies will not compensate workers the full amount of what they should be receiving, it is important that injured workers are helped by lawyers against the strategies the insurance companies have and also to obtain the full amount of compensation. For cases where the construction accidents are fatal, the direct family members may obtain compensation from employers insurance company in a wrongful death case.

Although it may seem like it’s a no-brainer to be safe around construction tools, it’s always best to be informed, read the instructions and apply extra measures of safety, rather than assuming you are safe.

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