Why Does Wood Siding Need Regular Inspection and Maintenance in Sacramento?

Sacramento wood siding
Wood siding repair in Sacramento.

Wood Siding and Wood Siding Repairs
To home and residential building owners, an experienced handyman is as necessary as property insurance. For example, homes and residential buildings constructed with wood siding needs regular inspections to prevent damage. Wood siding has been a staple of the construction industry and home builders for hundreds of years. Like all siding, however, it does require repair. Engaging the services of a handyman to install or repair wood siding can save costly repairs in the future. Sacramento Handyman assures clients work is done right the first time. Clients of Sacramento Handyman rely on the experience of these experts to maintain and repair their wood siding.

Types of Wood Siding that Need Repair

Originally, most homes and buildings were constructed with clapboard siding. Today, wood siding includes:
. Cedar siding
. Plank siding
. Lap siding
. Log siding
. Interlocking wood shingle siding

Each of these types of wood siding adds value to a home and creates increased curb appeal. Log siding is generally used for log cabin style homes and buildings. This type of wood needs regular maintenance to keep a check on the amount of expansion and contraction of the logs. Today, some homes and buildings incorporate several styles of wood siding. The love of the rustic “wood” look has remained popular. Given its natural properties, wood siding needs care and vigilance to maintain its good looks. Sacramento Handyman may suggest an intermittent need for sealants for log cabin homes and buildings or possibly, regular veneer coatings to protect plank and shingle wood siding. Cedar siding, with proper maintenance and care, can last for many years.

Why Does Wood Siding Need Regular Inspection and Maintenance?

The normal patterns of weather can take their toll on exterior wood siding. Before your wood siding begins to lose its integrity, discuss a regular maintenance service with Sacramento Handyman professionals. Wood siding will retain its natural luster and strength with regular maintenance. Should repairs be needed, it’s important to contact Sacramento Handyman as soon as damages are discovered. In most cases, wood siding repair work required won’t be the result of extensive damage. These repairs can be performed quickly, efficiently and within reasonable cost. If wood siding repairs are due to serious damage, for instance loss of siding due to strong winds, Sacramento Handyman will assess the damages and develop a plan of repair. Wood siding will be restored to like new condition, using highest quality materials to insure durability and longer wear.

Other Reasons to Inspect and Maintain Wood Siding

In areas that have high levels of humidity attract termites. Very often wood siding can be damaged by termites that make their homes under the exterior wood. Wood eating insects like termites can do quite a bit of damage and cost home and building owners in expensive repairs. Sacramento Handyman inspections determine the source of damage to wood siding during regular inspections.

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