What Is A Security Screen Door

Do you want to be free, or do you want to be safe? Home security novices will make you believe you can’t have both. What the professional knows, however, is that with the right planning you don’t have to sacrifice one for the other. What good’s a door if you can’t open it and step outside safely?

The screen door is one of the most enduring solutions to the freedom vs. safety debate. Nearly every home and many businesses have them. They’re the obvious choice when you want fresh air or a good view, but you need to keep unwanted pests (with wings, two legs or four legs) from getting inside. Wooden frame and wire screening can deter insects or small animals. It can keep the two-legged, intelligent intruder must at bay by something a little more challenging.

Example of Wrought Iron Security Screen Door, Las Vegas NV

The security screen door is a choice that provides the best of both worlds. These doors usually have thick metal frames. They can be of iron or aluminum (stainless steel is an excellent choice). They usually have both a deadbolt, as well a simple turning lock. It screens both the top and the bottom at all times. Metal bars or lattice work usually backed the areas with screens. The appearance of the doors can be ornate or can just as easily be very plain and utilitarian.

Security screen doors fit either within existing door frames. They must be sealed at the edges to keep out insects and small animals. Depending upon the skill level of the contractor, and to a lesser extent the budget of the owner, these seals can be virtually permanent or can require yearly maintenance. Many doors need a sealant also applied to the door frame material itself. Since the security screen is part of the exterior of the dwelling, it is open to the elements. You must guard against sun damage, rust, and user wear-and-tear.

A question upfront is whether to hire a professional to install your security screen door or to do it yourself (DIY). Most often people choose the latter when they want to save money, but because of the importance of this installation, it’s a good idea to consider using a contractor for the job. The installation process may be time-consuming and requires precision. Not only is the door soon to become a vital part of your security, but it also creates a first impression. You want something to be proud of, not a result that makes you wince when you see it. Everyone has experienced the do-it-yourself job that leaves you with something not quite right. There’s the window that won’t open properly, the mailbox that sticks, or the door that hangs poorly. Avoid that frustration (or worse yet, re-installation) by choosing a professional wisely. In the Sacramento area, the people with the proven skill-set to do the job are the folks at Sacramento Handyman.

Sacramento has a lot of skilled contractors to choose. Few, however, have the track record and excellent history of Sacramento Handyman. More importantly, security door installation┬áhas been a part of our repertoire since they opened for business. They repair and install any door. It’s one of our specialties, so they know how to do the job quickly and efficiently.

A bonus to working with Sacramento Handyman is that they do all kinds of door repairs. If they run across any additional issues while installing your security door, they can handle it on the spot, without bringing in outsiders or racking up unnecessary costs. In this way, your outstanding job never gets too big or too expensive to be handled.

Sacramento Handyman’s brings full service to the task. Our experience ranks among the best in the Sacramento area. Contact us at 916-472-0507 and know you’re calling people who can get the job done.

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