Trendy Bathroom Ideas In 2019

Especially when our family members hog this small room, we all know how essential our bathrooms are in our home. We can do all our business and come out fresh and clean on the other side. The bathroom and its vital appliances, i.e., the toilet, the shower, and the sink, are a part of the centerpiece of our homes. However, functionality does not have to outweigh the design of this important room. Here are a few bathroom upgrade and design ideas to try out this year to make sure you love your bathroom.

Nautical Or Preppy Styles

A nautical style has always been a classic look and has never gone out of fashion for long. This spring, the nautical and preppy style is making its way back in. The nautical style relies on classic navy blue accents on white, and this new spin brings in the beautiful vibrancy of gold accents. And, no nautical-themed bathroom is complete with a porcelain tile digitally printed to look like elegant, beachy driftwood look. If you love the look of a yacht club blazer, this is the upgrade your bathroom needs in 2019.

Refined Gold

You do not need to adopt a nautical theme to your bathroom to enjoy the luxurious look of refined gold decor. Gold is officially back in style, and it is taking a subtler turn. If adding gold into your bathroom this summer seems like too much at first, add it in gradually. Start with hard-wired fittings, basin tap or light fixtures, mirror frames – layer gold accents delicately. It may not steal the show, but the gold accents in your new upgraded bathroom will undoubtedly stand out.

Fun, Playful Tile

For the most part, we keep our bathrooms to a minimum. Whether you opt for a traditional nautical theme or think that life is black and white, you may still want to play with a bit of color. Start with playful tile design, especially if you have a tall, narrow bathroom. The geometric shapes and fun colors make the room seem bigger, even with you barely squeeze a sink, shower, and toilet inside. This new bathroom trend for 2019 is fun and functional.

Black & White – & Just A Little More

Trendy BathroomLately, minimalism has been becoming more trendy, on top of making cleaning easier. If you want a truly minimalist look for your bathroom in 2019, opt for a black and white design. A classic black and white color scheme have become a growing favorite among homeowners with a new twist: adding one or two tones into this minimalist mix. Choose a white bathtub or shower, a classic white toilet and vintage white shelves. Add a black shower head, black accents for the mirror and sink, and more than a splash of grey into the floor tiles, a colorful flower or other accents, and a few wicker baskets for storage. Black and white may be a classic look, but it’s back in style.

The best bathroom design trends of 2019 are simple, luxurious, and add a lot of color and beautiful details into the most essential space in your home.

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