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Many people will put off hiring a handyman for fear of an extortionately high bill being sent their way in the aftermath of services being provided, but this is often not the case. But how much do handyman services cost and how does a handyman charge for his or her services?

When it comes to finding out an answer to the question of, how does a handyman charge for his or her services, there are often a number of factors that need to be considered. While every individual handyman will have their own costs, and these costs will therefore reflect on the price that they can offer you in their quote, there are often a number of rules which a handyman will follow when it comes to establishing the price that they will charge for their services.

While all handymen will have to work to be competitive with one another when it comes to prices, it is to be expected that the prices will vary between them and, as such, knowing how much to expect to be charged for handyman services will be incredibly helpful for anyone looking to hire a professional into their home.

Handyman Services & Cost Factors

There are a number of different cost factors which will have an effect on the price of the services which your handyman will provide you. These different cost factors may reduce or increase the price of work done for you, and it is always important to consider the different cost factors when hiring a handyman; while one handyman may offer you their services at what seems to be an incredibly affordable price compared to others, the reality is likely that they are less skilled or experienced or otherwise have less efficient tools than their competitors.

Making the decision between cost and experience is always a difficult one. In the ideal world, we would all choose to hire the most experienced handyman in the industry—but oftentimes, their more expensive fees will mean that it might be necessary to hire someone with a little less experience who offers their services at a more viable price for you and your budget. However, it is always important to consider the fact that a lack of experience on the part of your handyman may mean that a job is finished to a substandard level of quality; on the same note, it is also often the case that handymen with years and years of experience might charge an excessive premium for their services which isn’t representative of the higher standard of service that they can offer to you.

In order to understand how a handyman is charging for their services, there are a number of cost factors that need to first be considered which will have an effect on the price that a handyman will charge. A number of these factors are more obvious than others, but all will play a part in the overall quote for the services that you will be given by your handyman.

Size & Complexity Of The Job

Handyman at WorkAs arguably the most obvious cost factor, a large amount of the cost will be determined by the size and complexity of the job that is being offered. A handyman has to make an income himself or herself and as such, a quote for services will often be representative of the handyman’s desired hourly rate for their work. Some handymen will even charge hourly and will instead give a quote which is based on how many hours they expect will be required for the work to be completed. However, there are also handymen who would be willing to provide you with a flat rate for their services, depending on the expected size of the job.

Small jobs are usually those which involve low skilled work, including the repairing of a broken water spout. Often, very few additional materials or parts will be required for these jobs; the existing parts normally just need to be installed or tweaked, and this cuts the cost to the handyman significantly and means that they are mainly charging based on their time and fuel money.

Medium jobs are often considered to be those which may require more specialist tools and limited amounts of equipment on the part of the handyman; they will often take a number of hours to complete and will often involve installation or removal of parts and equipment, as opposed to just a simple fix-up job, like drywall repair services.

Large jobs can take days to complete and will, therefore, almost always be the most expensive jobs for a handyman to complete. Typically, these large jobs will require a lot of experience and equipment on the part of the handyman, and as a result of this, you will incur costs for not just the handyman’s time but also for their equipment and travel costs as well. Often, these large jobs will often be a number of small or medium sized jobs, all merged into one package for services. Some of the biggest jobs may even require especially heavy equipment, such as vehicular services (loaders/diggers/machinery), and in these cases a contractor may also be needed in order to complete the job.

How Does A Handyman Charge For Their Services

There are typically two ways in which a handyman will charge for their services, and understanding the differences in regards to these two different methods of charging clients for services is vital in order to be able to answer the question of, how does a handyman charge? Handymen are workers, just as their clients are, and so they will naturally need to earn for their time and experience as well as for the equipment that they provide on jobs.

When it comes to charging for their services, a handyman will usually ask for a flat rate or an hourly rate, and there are benefits and drawbacks to both. Often, they will not give you the choice between these; as such, your preference for charging methods will help you to find the perfect handyman to work on your home or property.

  • Flat Rate
    Many handymen will charge for their services by offering their clients a flat rate. The flat rate will take into account the expected time required for the job, as well as the costs for equipment and products. A flat rate will not change, meaning that the handyman won’t benefit by spending excessively long lengths of time on the job—however it can also mean that a handyman might rush the job in order to get it done more quickly, thusly earning themselves more money per hour. This can sometimes result in poor quality work being delivered.
  • Hourly Rate
    For many handymen, the best approach to charging for their services is to charge by the hour. While a good handyman who charges by the hour should be able to give you an expected duration for the works, it is always possible that a handyman might end up overrunning on the job if there are unexpected difficulties. Hourly rates are good as there is no benefit to the handyman of rushing and providing poor quality services, however the price can be higher than expected as well (although it can technically be lower, too, if you hire a reputable handyman who gets on with the work efficiently).

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