Cabinet Repair In Sacramento: Planning & Help

Cabinet Repair in Sacramento
Cabinet Repair in Sacramento

Cabinets are the core heart of your bedroom and kitchens, they are crucial as they provide a good storage environment. Cabinets are permanent fixtures that contribute to the beauty and style of both the kitchen and the bedroom and therefore need to be regularly repaired to enable them perform their duties.

Repairing Cabinet Surface

Very small nicks and chips are easily repaired by using wood filler. The plastic wood fillers are sold in various colors and easily match different wood stains. You should always march the colors in case you are touching up a scraped or chipped cabinet. A split or cracked cabinet surface is repaired by clamping and gluing the surface. When cutting out the damaged areas, you have to ensure that the saw you are using is fine-toothed. This enables you to make straight smooth cutting.

Fixing Cabinet Doors

When cabinet doors are used for a long time, the door may seem to go out of adjustment due to poor shutting and swinging. Hinge adjustments are easy to fix since most of the hinges allow one to make small adjustments in any direction. Plain hinges require you to loosen the screw to allow the hinges to move, then make sure that the door is in the square position with the cabinet opening and then re-tighten the screw.

Removing Unwanted Shelf Paper

Removing old shelf papers require you to dissolve and warm the adhesive backing. You should start by making a peel at one corner then spray warm water at the peeled corner, this action reduces the adhesiveness of the backing making the shelf paper to come out with ease. Stubborn shelf paper residues are easily removed by applying vegetable oil.

Broken Drawer Box

A broke in the drawer is often caused by a glue joint coming apart or as a result of a split in the wood, splits are fixed by gluing and realigning the broken pieces together. Fixing separated joints needs one to be very careful because you first have to clean out the old glue before applying for new glue.

Damaged Drawer Glides

The problem is often caused by the falling out of the mounting screws found on the glides. This is repaired by replacing the screw. In case the glide is broken, you should simply replace it with the new one.

Reasons To Update Your Tired-Looking Kitchen

Updating your kitchen cabinets not only enhances the overall aesthetic of your home but also improves functionality and storage. Fresh cabinets can make your kitchen look more modern and inviting. Whether you’re dealing with outdated styles or damaged surfaces, giving your kitchen a facelift with new cabinets can significantly increase your home’s value. Consider looking for the Best Kitchen cabinets on the market to ensure durability and style.

The above cabinet repair services are available in Sacramento. It is essential for you to hire a professional to repair your cabinet, call us today at 916-472-0507 to have your cabinet repaired.

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  1. Hello, We need a handyman to help with different things with our 3 houses. The first thing we need is repair at our house in Citrus Heights. The 2 things we need at this house is : 1. we have a large mirrored closet door that is not on hinges well, will need to be repaired or replaced, or maybe replaced with a barn door.
    2. the same house has many kitchen cabinet doors that need to be repaired. We are trying to repair them to avoid redoing the kitchen for a little while longer.

    If these are things you would like to do please let us know:)

    Thank you , Christine Zeillemaker and Carol Whyte
    You can email me or call/text at (916)531-4456

  2. Our home is almost 20 years old and many of our cabinets throughout the house (kitchen, bathrooms, laundry room and hallway) are in need of repair with the problems you’ve listed above on your website – damaged drawer glides, etc. I’d appreciate a free estimate. Thank you.

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