Top Places To Visit Around Sacramento, CA

As a spirited tourist, you might be curious what destinations should be on your to-visit list. Planning a day out around Sacramento can be tricky. There are so many fun places to explore, and indeed, they all can’t be seen in one day. When you are seeking adventure, there are 3 top spots you should consider, and most agree are worth the stop. Let’s take a look at them and discover why you should make them part of your Sacramento experience.

Old Sacramento

Old SacramentoAre you ready to visit a part of town that offers the amenities of today, but provides an old-world feel? Old Sacramento is located on a massive 48 acres and holds many of the museums in Sacramento. The historical significance of the area is what attracts visitors. As part of the Gold Rush era, Old Sacramento had been a vibrant, bustling location for hundreds of years. The area as it is known now has been plagued with floods and fires, which have devastated the area. However, it has been rebuilt and hasn’t stopped attracting people.

The museums located here include the California Automobile Museum, Sacramento History Museum, the Delta King Riverboat, and even the Railroad Museum. If you are looking for a day or couple days out exploring what California was built upon, Old Sacramento should most certainly make a list. If you are looking to stay here, there are also hotels and eateries available so you can continue your exploration the next day without having to leave. Check out the many things to see and do in Old Sacramento.

State Capitol Museum

State Capitol MuseumWell, even if you aren’t a politician, you can still enjoy many fine features at the State Capitol Museum. The museum is not only a museum but is also the working seat of the California government. Visitors can enjoy a day visiting the wings of the building and taking in the majestic architecture. Many of the features are designed and inspired by Greek and Roman structures, and follow suit to other state capitol buildings. As you walk through the capitol, you will notice that there are artwork and artifacts throughout. Paintings and drawings all pull visitors back to a time when California was in its infancy.

One of the top features of the State Capitol Museum you shouldn’t miss is the garden. The beautiful scenery is set on 40 acres of land and is an impressive feature filled with plants, flowers, and shrubbery. Discover the early beginnings of the State Capitol Museum.

Crocker Art Museum

Crocker Art MuseumAnother beautiful place that is geared for family fun is the Crocker Art Museum. While many places that hold art pieces aren’t exactly kid-friendly, Crocker Art Museum has exhibits dedicated to children learning and exploring art.

One feature visitors enjoy this art museum is their exhibits change periodically, so there are new things to see throughout the year. Currently on display is a toy exhibit that shows the progression of toys throughout history. This collection adults and children can enjoy and bring closer together through the love of toys when adults were small, and children to gain an insight into toys of the past. Experience more family fun at the Crocker Art Museum.

Hot spots such as Old Sacramento, the State Capitol Museum, and the Crocker Art Museum along with numerous other locations to visit, Sacramento, CA offers excellent activities to explore and scenery that is breathtaking.

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