2018 Top Crown Moulding Ideas

Crown molding is the perfect accent to any home. Because crown molding is so versatile and comes in a variety of stylings, there is a style for virtually every home model. Some may argue that adding these accents to your home might be unnecessary; there are plenty of reasons to deck your home in this stylish trim.

Crown molding is found as a finishing touch the reaches from the ceiling to connect to an adjoining wall. Crown moulding installation is simple to do by a professional handyman but can be challenging if you aren’t familiar with carpentry.

When selecting the right type of crown moulding, you will also want to look at the material type. Moldings started as strictly a solid wood option but have grown to include medium density fiberboard, polyurethane, PVC, and Polystyrene. Solid wood is the most expensive of these options, but the others do a fantastic job mimicking the look of real wood. Wood crown moulding is a popular option for any type of home and is the standard type found in older homes around the turn of the century.

When adding crown moulding to your home, it’s an excellent idea to have the assistance of a Rocklin Handyman service for the best installation possible. You can purchase the most amazing trim for your home, but without the best installation, it won’t look the best it can. Sacramento Handyman is experienced custom carpentry experts and can assist with any crown moulding installation you need to be done.

In 2018, there are many different crown moulding styles you should consider as a home improvement. Check out these options to make your home’s interior absolutely stunning.

The English Inspired – Post Revolutionary War Trim

If you are wanting to add a little more open space feeling to a room, this simplistic yet stylish moulding works great. It is available in many different materials, making it super versatile. This look is also affordable, which is perfect for those that are on a budget but still want to update their house.

The Throwback To Early Americana

This particular type of crown moulding produces a bumped outlook. It extends further out the wall, featuring a concave outer edge, and a more convex inner this type of decoration is perfect for use in the kitchen. While it does extend outward more, it also gives the appearance of a more extensive area generating a visually more substantial space.

The Small Crown

The small crown moulding is another perfect option for kitchens. This type of moulding is a classy yet understated option. Featuring an S-shape design, it is an idea for smaller areas. The small crown look is a more modern approach to crown moulding and is a simplistic design that suits any home type from a cottage to a craftsman. The small crown is known for adding a finished look to a room. These are easy to install, and often bring to life any area in which it is applied. If you have a smaller home, the small crown can be an excellent choice for adding the finishing touches you desire.

Blending Crown Moulding With Cabinets

In the kitchen, the use of tall cabinets is widely used. In order to finish off the look of your kitchen, you may add trim to connect the frame of the cabinets to the ceiling of the room. These can vary in style and features, but certainly, add a WOW factor to any kitchen. Blending the crown moulding with cabinets is fantastic to do during any renovation or a remodel.

If you’ve been considering a remodel of your kitchen or bath, the inclusion of blending crown moulding with the cabinets is an excellent choice. There are many designs to choose from that can complement a wide range of aesthetic styles.

Greek Revival Moulding

The Greek revival molding extends further onto the ceiling and features a stylish, sleek design. There isn’t much to the trim design, but serves as a soft accent to any room, and is ideal for use in any bedroom. Greek revival Moulding is characterized for its geometric pattern of squares, similar to what you would see on classic greek vases.

As you can see, there are many fantastic options available that can enhance the look of any space. These styles will continue to be the top options for homeowners as they provide a timeless look and touch of style.

There are several types of moulding that work well in a variety of settings. It can often be challenging to choose which works best in the space. However, many of the types of moulding complement a wide range of architecture types, making the decision much simpler than you might think. If you are unsure which would best suit your home, talk with a design pro. Sacramento Handyman can help you select the perfect option to fit your needs, and are more than happy to help.

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