The Beginnings Of California’s Capitol At The State Museum

As both the “State’s Working Seat of Government” and a museum, there is plenty to explore when you visit the State Capitol Museum in Sacramento. Upon arriving at the State Capitol, visitors will notice the impressive architectural design, inspired by Greek and Roman features. This style was prevalent for many government buildings across the United States. The massive structure is separated into two wings where the Senate and the Assembly meet.

An interesting fact about the State Capitol building: when it was constructed in 1874, the building cost nearly 2.5 million dollars. While that doesn’t seem like a lot now, it equates to almost 46 million in today’s currency. Everything about this structure screams magnificence.

State Capitol Museum

State Capitol Museum

When visiting the Capitol and exploring each wing, you shouldn’t forget to visit the lush gardens set on 40 acres of land. Capitol Park features some of the most beautiful plants, flowers, and shrubbery, making it a serene retreat in the heart of Sacramento. The park also contains several memorials and monuments that provide additional historical context and beauty to the area.

There are tours available throughout the day for smaller groups and individuals to the Capitol building. These guided tours offer a comprehensive look at the history and workings of the California state government. Visitors will be able to explore and witness the inside of the Capitol building, gaining insights into its rich history and the evolution of the state’s government.

Exploring the Capitol’s Wings

The Capitol is divided into two main wings, each with its unique features and historical significance. The West Wing houses artwork and murals dating from 1870-1910, offering a glimpse into the artistic expressions of that era. The East Wing, on the other hand, features newer paintings and murals from 1920-1950. The museum boasts 50 permanent pieces in its collection and over 100 that are on loan, ensuring that there is always something new and exciting to see.

Special Exhibits and Collections

In addition to the permanent collections, the State Capitol Museum hosts special exhibits that provide deeper insights into California’s political and cultural history. These exhibits rotate periodically, so even repeat visitors will find something new to explore. The museum also includes various statues dating back to when the building was initially constructed, and an impressive flag collection that showcases the state’s evolving identity.

Capitol Park

Capitol Park is a must-visit for nature lovers and history buffs alike. The 40-acre park is home to a vast array of plant species, making it a botanical treasure in the heart of the city. In addition to its natural beauty, Capitol Park contains numerous monuments and memorials that honor significant figures and events in California’s history. Highlights include the California Vietnam Veterans Memorial, the California Peace Officers’ Memorial, and the California Firefighters Memorial.

Educational Opportunities

The State Capitol Museum also serves as an educational resource, offering various programs for students and teachers. These programs are designed to enhance understanding of California’s government and history through interactive and engaging activities. Educational tours can be tailored to different age groups, making the museum a valuable destination for school trips.

Plan Your Visit

With so much to see and do, planning your visit around Sacramento, CA can be a bit overwhelming. It’s a good idea to start with a guided tour to get an overview of the building and its history. Afterward, you can spend time exploring the different wings and special exhibits at your own pace. Don’t forget to leave time to wander through Capitol Park and appreciate its beauty and historical significance.

See directions here:

California State Capitol Museum
1315 10th St, Sacramento, CA 95814, USA

Get on CA-99 S/I-305 E/I-80BL E/US-50 E from 9th St
6 min (1.6 mi)

Head north on Capitol Mall toward Capitol Mall
394 ft

Turn right to stay on Capitol Mall
115 ft

Turn left onto 9th St
0.9 mi

Use the left 2 lanes to turn left onto X St
0.3 mi

Use the left 2 lanes to take the I-80 BUS E/US-50 E/Reno/Placerville/Fresno/CA-99 S ramp
0.3 mi

Follow US-50 E to Howe Ave. Take exit 9 from US-50 E
5 min (4.7 mi)

Merge onto CA-99 S/I-305 E/I-80BL E/US-50 E
0.5 mi

Continue onto US-50 E
3.8 mi

Use the 2nd from the right lane to take exit 9 for Howe Ave toward Power Inn Rd
0.4 mi

Continue on Howe Ave to your destination in Arden-Arcade
6 min (2.1 mi)

Use the left 2 lanes to turn left onto Howe Ave
1.5 mi

Turn right onto University Ave
0.2 mi

Use the right lane to turn right onto Fair Oaks Blvd
0.3 mi

Turn right onto Fairgate Rd
49 ft

Turn right
210 ft

Turn left (!Destination will be on the right)
259 ft

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