Exploring the Rich History of All Things Railroad At The California State Railroad Museum

Califronia State Railroad Museum Train

Are you looking for an educational and fun family outing that will transport you back to the 1800s, when railroads were the primary mode of transportation? California is known for having historical landmarks! Look no further than the California State Railroad Museum. Located in Sacramento, this museum offers a wealth of information and exhibits that highlight the significance of railroads in the development of California and the United States.

A Journey Through Time

Upon entering the California State Railroad Museum, visitors are greeted with a stunning collection of historic locomotives and railroad cars. The museum houses up to 19 meticulously preserved locomotives, some dating as far back as 1862. These vintage trains are a testament to the engineering marvels of their time and offer a unique glimpse into the past. Seeing these massive machines up close provides a tangible connection to the history of rail transportation.

Locomotives and Train Rides

One of the most exciting features of the museum is the opportunity to experience a train ride. Starting April 7th, visitors can embark on a 45-minute journey aboard either the Granite Rock No.10 steam locomotive or a classic diesel train from the museum’s collection. This ride along the Sacramento River offers breathtaking views of the countryside and a chance to experience the gentle sway of the train as it travels down the tracks. The observation car, with its panoramic windows, is perfect for taking in the scenery and capturing memorable photos.

Kid’s Corner and Educational Programs

The California State Railroad Museum is not just for train enthusiasts; it also offers engaging and educational experiences for children. The Kid’s Corner features interactive exhibits and educational programs designed to spark interest in the history of railroads. These activities help kids understand the pivotal role that trains played in shaping California’s development. Additionally, the museum hosts steam rides on most weekends from April through September, allowing children to experience the size and power of these historic machines firsthand.

Reading time is another excellent program offered by the museum. It combines storytelling with historical themes related to railroads, fostering a love of reading while educating children about the importance of trains in American history.

Capitol Park and Old Sacramento State Historic Park

The California State Railroad Museum is designated as a historic landmark and is part of the Old Sacramento State Historic Park. Once you have been inside the museum, take a step outside to see even more memorabilia of the California Gold Rush. One feature that many visitors enjoy is the reconstructed passenger station. The passenger station is a step back in time and shows what it was like to board the trains and travel on the first transcontinental railway.

The California State Railroad Museum offers a rich, immersive experience that brings the history of railroads to life. Whether you are a train enthusiast, a history buff, or a family looking for a fun and educational outing, the museum has something for everyone. From its impressive collection of historic locomotives to interactive exhibits and train rides, the museum provides a unique opportunity to explore the significant role railroads played in shaping California and the nation. Don’t miss out on this captivating journey through the past—plan your visit to the California State Railroad Museum today!

See directions here:

California State Railroad Museum
125 I St, Sacramento, CA 95814, USA

Get on CA-99 S/I-305 E/I-80BL E/US-50 E from 3rd St
6 min (2.1 mi)

Head east on I St toward 2nd St
190 ft

Turn left to stay on I St
482 ft

Turn right onto 3rd St
0.3 mi

Continue straight to stay on 3rd St
0.2 mi

Use the 2nd from the right lane to turn right onto P St
394 ft

Use the left lane to keep left at the fork and follow signs for U.S. 99
0.2 mi

Keep left at the fork, follow signs for US-50 E/CA-99/Fresno
0.6 mi

Keep left and merge onto CA-99 S/I-305 E/I-80BL E/US-50 E
0.5 mi

Follow US-50 E to Howe Ave. Take exit 9 from US-50 E
5 min (5.3 mi)

Merge onto CA-99 S/I-305 E/I-80BL E/US-50 E
1.2 mi

Continue onto US-50 E
3.8 mi

Use the 2nd from the right lane to take exit 9 for Howe Ave toward Power Inn Rd
0.4 mi

Continue on Howe Ave to your destination in Arden-Arcade
6 min (2.1 mi)

Use the left 2 lanes to turn left onto Howe Ave
1.5 mi

Turn right onto University Ave
0.2 mi

Use the right lane to turn right onto Fair Oaks Blvd
0.3 mi

Turn right onto Fairgate Rd
49 ft

Turn right
210 ft

Turn left (!Destination will be on the right)
259 ft

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