Roof Repair: Soffit & Fascia 101

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If you’re not all that familiar with construction or repair services than you’re most likely unaware of what soffit and fascia repairs are and whether you need them or not. When we used those words essentially, we are speaking of components that make up the roof or parts of the roof. The roof of a home or any building has different layers to ensure quality and protection over time but of course, everything needs maintenance or even repair at what point or another. So, what is soffit? Soffit is the part underneath the roof which sort of hangs out of the body; the lip of the roof if you will. Then the fascia is the board underneath which connects the roof to the outside layers of the house. Literally it’s just a panel usually made of wood that gives an overall smoother appeal. Both of these parts of your roof mentioned are important and can require both maintenance and repair at any given time.

You’ll notice rotting, cracks, or even holes when the soffit is damaged. Keep in mind that this area is extremely attractive to all types of critters which can contribute to wear and tear depending on the insect or small animal. The fascia is meant to protect other areas from receiving damaged caused by water which in turn can cause it to get water damage itself It’s susceptible to damage caused by excessive moisture. The fascia boards can suffer some serious damage because of normal whether conditions like rain.

So, what do you do when you notice damage to your house’s soffit or fascia? You call someone of course. I wouldn’t even try doing this type of maintenance myself since it’s a very important part of the home although commonly looked over.  If you live in California in the Sacramento and are in need of soffit and fascia Roseville services please check out Sacramento Handyman right now. They are at the top of their game and provide all sorts of roofing services. If the soffit or fascia damage has affected other parts of your roof they will be able to catch it quickly to fix it. You’ll be sure to get proper care and quality when contracting them for any repair or maintenance needs. Go to their website to see what other services they offer and give them a call to get a quote today. Remember, for soffit and fascia Roseville services, call Sacramento Handyman!

For soffit and fascia services, call us — Sacramento Handyman, at 916-472-0507 for more information. To get estimates, fill out our form here.

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