What Is A Stucco

If you’ve ever seen a building or a home during the construction process you will notice that towards the end, there is a cement that is placed all over the outer walls of the building. This is called siding and the material used is called stucco.

Essentially, a stucco is an exterior cement that is plastered on the wall and then hardens. This material is extremely durable which is why it is used.  It’s meant to withstand storms, rain, and other environmental hazards while staying put to protect your home and family inside. Yes, it is extremely durable and meant to take heavy blows but even with that being said, it is possible for it to crack or receive some type of damage throughout its life time.

Basically, what happens to the stucco is that due to improper initial plastering during construction or just due to wear and tear, the walls can have minor openings where moisture can get through. Unfortunately, the water is not able to come out once it is in and that causes the stucco to begin to crumble, crack, or break. When this occurs, you’ll see water spots, cracks, and even holes on the exterior of the building. At this point, you need to repair the damage because it can spread making it worse and costlier in the future. The reason I say this is because the water damage at first can be superficial, meaning it is only affecting the outside. If you wait too long, the damage can increase and spread to the inner parts of the building which can cause mold and other complication no one usually wants.

There isn’t much we can do as home owners to prevent this since it all has to do with how it was placed but, once you catch it, you can do something to minimize future problems to the infrastructure. There are ways to do the repair yourself but I wouldn’t do that, however, to each his own. If you’re considering stucco and siding repairs in Roseville then check out Sacramento Handyman . They specialize in all types of repair and maintenance including exterior carpentry. They are experts when it comes to making your home look and feel like brand new. They also do much more than home siding. If you need any other Roseville handyman services, they are the ones you want to call. When you do, they will give you an estimate on the cost quickly too. Happy repairing!

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