Is Wainscoting A Good Idea For Your Home

Home improvements are amazing for improving the appearance and fixing minor imperfections around a house. One hot topic is the addition of paneling or wainscoting in specific areas of the home. Many homeowners find that paneling works well in entryways, dining rooms, and formal living rooms. This type of paneling adds a touch of elegance to every room it is installed in. When you ask if it is right for your home, the answer is YES! There is not a single homeowner that has ever regretted the addition of wainscoting in their home. That is unless they hire the wrong person to handle their custom carpentry job. It is best to hire a Roseville Handyman Service that has a great deal of experience with custom carpentry for your wainscoting installation for the best results.

Wainscoting has some options and features available to choose from when ordering, and it is somewhat important to know the differences and options you could want from. Wainscoting has traditionally been made from solid wood and carved with a unique pattern. The pattern then continues into each panel that flawlessly connects. Using trim in your home is a fantastic way to dress up the room and create a unique style you will be proud to show off.

Materials used to construct wainscoting include warp-proof wood and specially treated MDF. Installation of this type of paneling requires a bit of knowledge around leveling and using specific tools. When you purchase specially treated MDF boards for your trim pieces, you will be pleasantly surprised to find the ease at which they are to clean. Scuffs and dirt found on trim can be easily removed with just soap and water.

Wainscoting has a plethora of types available. The typical option is for chair height; however, for a more modern look, shoulder height has become very popular. As far as a decorative trim piece to any room within your home, there are options. It’s essential to keep in mind that typically the more decorative the trim piece is, the higher the cost. The same can be said for purchasing solid wood versus a fiberboard construction. Each material has there own sets of advantages, but each will give a beautiful result when installed.

So is adding wainscoting or paneling to your home right for you? Provided you have the money to invest in the upgrade; it is a feature that can only add value to your home. The addition of a classy architectural update such as wainscotting never hurts the value of a home. If you have been looking for a more cost-effective way to improve your home, the addition of custom carpentry is ideal.

Wainscoting presents well with a touch of class where ever you decide to install it. Choose a custom carpentry expert for your install, and you are guaranteed to love the results.

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