How Long Does A Bathroom Renovation Take

A  bathroom remodel can take anywhere from three to eight weeks, sometimes longer depending on the size of the bathroom and what the remodeling entails.  Each individual step takes a different amount of time, and it’s important to remember that extenuating circumstances can come up to make the tasks take longer.


Demolition is when you go into the bathroom and remove all the old stuff that is being replaced, or things that need to be removed in order to get replaced.  This process can take anywhere from two – five days, depending on the extent of what is being done and the size of the room itself.  Adding flooring can take anywhere from two to seven days to complete.  It will take four to twelve days to incorporate the plumbing.  It can take one to three days to redo the wiring.  Insulation of all fixtures and appliances can take five to ten days.

Hanging drywall seems like it would be a fairly quick process.  It can actually take anywhere from one to three days and another two to four days to finish the drywall.  Any tile work that needs to be done can take from three up to six days to complete, unless you’re doing very nit-picky work then it can take up to eight days.  All the miscellaneous small things can take anywhere from a day to a week, depending on what’s being done.

It’s important to remember a few other things that will take time as well.  Decorating includes having to go and buy the things you wish to incorporate and placing them how you want them.  This solely depends on how long it takes you personally to find what you want and place it where you feel it should be.  Any accidents or problems that arise can also make the process take longer.  The total length of time on how long a bathroom renovation can take is solely dependent on the size, the design, and who is doing the job.  The average time, however, is between three to eight weeks.

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